iTunes Library to move without messing everything up!

Hi. I am a dj and i have quite a big digital music collection (almost 3K songs). The thing to know is that I buy my music at and 90% of the file format is .WAV

I  buy this format because the sound and the bass is better in clubs sound systems than mp3. After purchase I convert my music in MP3 for various other use like listening in my iPod.

The thing is that I have manually entered the song info (label, genre, track, artist) for each and every songs! But in WAV format, the ID3 tag info is not kept into the song file. As long as I keep my info in iTunes and don't move it, the info will stay.

But now I bought a portable external HD to bring in gigs and want to consolidate all my music at the same place.

I have a lot of other mp3 in other cds that i want to consolidate there also.

This HD will have 2 major folders :


The thing is that i really want to manage my music myself. I want to decide when i get new music to put it, for example, a Pink Floyd song in my already made OtherMusic/PinkFloy/ folder.

There's also other details but, if you are very good in iTunes songs and library managing you'll help me along the way.

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Are you using a Mac or a PC?

The options below assume iTunes is copying files to the iTunes Media folder when they are added to the library. If you have enough storage space, you may want to allow iTunes to copy the files to the media folder and organize them for you. This will ensure that any changes you make in iTunes do not affect your other files. For instance, if none of these songs are stored in the iTunes Media folder now, you will likely have to tell iTunes where each file is once you've moved them, which could be a very tedious process. If you are retaining the files in a specific format just for iTunes, why not let iTunes store them in the iTunes Media folder and keep them organized for you?

On a Mac, you can simply change the location of the iTunes Media folder in the Advanced tab in Preferences and you will be prompted whether you would like the files moved and then iTunes will move the files for you.

On a PC, you need only copy the iTunes Media folder to the desired location yourself and then change the location on the Advanced tab in Edit>Preferences. The XML library file stays in my music, but the media is now stored in the location you specified. You can then delete the files from the original location.

What kind of DJ are you? Just wondering because I would expect a DJ to have a larger library. I used to DJ and I have over 76k songs.
martin-lektraAuthor Commented:
Hi, I am on a mac.

I am an eclectronic music dj. So I need a large library but not that large. I buy all my music so... I already have 8-10 DVDs of "general" mp3 music for other stuff. Plus my vinyl collection.

Ok. But you have to understand I don't want iTunes to organise my music library. I don't want it to make folders for me or other stuff.

When I take a wav file, and I convert it in a mp3, I want iTunes to drop it in a general folder (choosen by me).
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Those are helpful suggestions only if you intend to copy your files into the iTunes Media folder as I suggested above. If you do not intend to do this, these will not be helpful.
martin-lektraAuthor Commented:
Yeah. I'm willing to make a main folder in my new HD that I will call "MAIN MUSIC". So I could tell to iTunes that it will be my iTunes Media folder.

But the thing you have to know is that i don't want to let iTunes "manage" my song files. I want to do it myself. Always.

I will try it but, as long as I can manage it myself, prevent iTunes to copy files everywhere, and keep my song info for wav files, i am happy.

Also, it's a little bit off-topic but is there a way to add a new column in iTunes named "label"?
I understand that you don't want iTunes to "manage" your song files. That is why I suggested that, if you have enough space and are converting the files to an iPod-friendly format anyway, you might consider allowing iTunes to copy the converted files into the iTunes Media folder and manage only those files. This would make your iTunes files separate from the rest of your music and simplify the iTunes management process.

Are you using iTunes to DJ, then, or do you have a third party program?
martin-lektraAuthor Commented:
No I use only iTunes to manage my music. I burn 8 songs wave files per CD. I am playing with cds always. But I'm about to convert to Traktor and all that stuff..
Also, there is not a way to add custom labels in iTunes, but you can repurpose any unused fields as needed.
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