Windows Server 2003 r2 Standard x64 slow windows explorer

Windows explorer performs too slow lately on my WINDOWS SERVER 2003 R2 x64, otherwise when browsing trough locations on that server from  XP workstation witch is in LAN everything runs fine.
When click on My Computer & looking at explorer.exe in performance graph of PROCESS EXPLORER  
i see that Explorer.exe use 50% of CPU for 1-2 sec. than stays on 25% for 3-4sec.
than finally opens explorer.
Same thing happens what ever i browse while logged on problematic server.
Windows log on - log of is also become extremely slow & is irrelevant do i log locally or remotely using Remote Desktop trough LAN (workgroup) or VPN, logging is always slow.

This server is used for ORACLE DATABASE & this part runs great.
I have tried disabling Kaspersky antivirus+firewall but the problem remains.
HDD RAID5 is defragmented & checked for performance & errors with HDD TUNE.

I'm hoping someone can suggest what kind of diagnostic tool can i use & how to set it up for inspecting the right things.

Server model: IBM x3650
CPU: INTEL XEON QUAD CORE E5320 (XEON E5320 @ 1,86GHz x4)
RAM: 8GB PC2-5300
HDD: 4x146GB Raid5
Network adapter: NIC DUAL GIGABIT
(got two network cards, one for LAN & second for VPN, there's no internet access on comp due the VPN)
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Darius GhassemConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Remove AV totally disabling the AV software does not fully test.
IT-Monkey-DaveConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you installed any apps or tools on the server that integrate tightly with Windows Explorer, maybe something that adds extra functions when you right-click on a file or folder?  An example would be when you install WinZip or 7-Zip it wants to integrate with Windows Explorer.  If you have something like that, try disabling or uninstalling and see if the problem goes away.  Antivirus could be the issue, although you say you disabled it.  Did you disable all functionality of the AV?
remove any filters like date, size etc and keep the default name filtering, see if it works
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Walter066Author Commented:
Thanks for reply.
Regarding disabling of Kaspersky anti virus, i've tryed to:
a): disable it component by component
b): disabling whole kaspersky application
Server is in use 24/7 so i have to wait for the idle time, cause uninstalling  Kaspersky requires restart,
i'll definitely try that tomorrow togeather with konathala's filter off suggestion.

I forgot to mention that i have Kaspersky on my server for about 6 months, but the problem with explorer persists only 2 months.
Could it be that i need 64 bit version of Kaspersky, i have 32 bit version installed at the moment?
Darius GhassemCommented:
Could be the issue since it is scanning a 64-bit system.

Also, even if the AV has been running for months without issues when you get virus defs download you get software updates as well that could have caused the problems
Walter066Author Commented:
Problem was caused by Kaspersky AV.
Disabling AV using Kaspersky Administration Kit did not disable complete KAV application, but after uninstalling it my server's explorer runs perfectly.
What surprised me is that when i installed KAV back on the server, explorer performance did not deteriorate at all.
I'm shore that all KAV settings are the same as they were before uninstallation cause all AV settings are stored (group policy) in Kaspersky administration kit witch is standalone application installed on another server, i didn't change anything there, this app controls all of AV apps in my network.
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