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Hi am in a corp network and have had issues with my machine lately with the time it takes to load programs and the server etc. When our it guy logs in as an admin or if we use a diff profile on the same machine everything works fine. Only when we log on with my old profile am having issues. Is there a way to copy my existing windows profile settings and then import it into my new profile? that way i don't have to create all the little customization from start? Have run malware bytes, cc cleaner and defrag tools numerous times with no luck. pls help. tks.
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moon_blue69Connect With a Mentor Commented:

You might be on roaming profile and thats why you are having this long log on. After successfully logging on a fine day ask your administrator to disable roaming profile
mc7560Author Commented:
hi moonblue, thanks for the suggestion but it already is under local and not roaming...
moon_blue69Connect With a Mentor Commented:
go to run ->msconfig and disable unwanted startup programs and services
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pinascodeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
what you could to is ask the domain admin to create a new account for you, then he could use a program by FORENSIT, called USER PROFILE WIZARD
it allows you to move a profile that you have to a new domain user without losing the settings and all that stuff. I use it in my environment, it is a great app to have.
toroblanco2002Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Another way to manually transfer your old profile will be to log with an Admin account go to your C:Documents and Settings go to your old profile and copy and past your desktop folder, favorites, My documents etc to your new profile. and local settings.  You should be able to see all your icons and setting there. Also windows xp comes with a tool that would do the same thing. If go Start, programs, Accessories, System Tools Files and Settings Transfer Wizard.  I hope this helps.

dbruntonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It seems your old profile is corrupt in some way.

The easiest way is to create a new user with a new profile and recreate all of your settings from scratch.  Importing the old profile is just going to bring the corruption across into the new profile.
DON'T use the windows transfer tool, unless you don't change the configuration in any way. i have had this issue multiple times where windows would be used to backup the settings and then after an update or a reinstall it would not accept the seetings, it would say that the settings file was created with a different version of windows and would not allow you to do anything with it.
mc7560Author Commented:
Experts, thanks a bunch for your help. I'll try some of the solutions above but are you aware any diagnostic tool i can run to see what's wrong with my existing profile?
johnb6767Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Its easier to scrap and rebuild when nit comes to profile corruption.... usually something very small creating the huge problems......

You could use things like Process Monitor, and look to see if you are getting any permissions failures though... Missing reg keys etc.... But if you arent familiar with the tool, it could be a tad overwhelming....
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