Archiva missing inbox and other folders

My Boss has closed out his archive folder, closed outlook, and restarted outlook. He then when to open his archive folder and when he did, it was missing his inbox in the archive.pst. We ran a search to see if he had any other .PST files and our search only came up with that one pst file. Is there any way i can recover those email in the inbox from the archive.pst file.
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rr1968Connect With a Mentor Commented:
There is no way to recover any items, unless you have the backup of the archive.pst before this issue happened.
I am assuming that the archive.pst has information that is not in the Exchange server...
First make sure you do not use any filters on the archived PST file since they may hide the emails you want.

Then you may check with the "Deleted Items" folder and see if the folders and emails are deleted and put there.

If all these cannot help to find the folders and emails, then you can use

Advanced Outlook Repair


to scan your archived PST file and try to recover the missing folders and emails.
miamitech305Author Commented:
How can i check to see if any filters are applied to the PST file?
miamitech305Author Commented:
Now before he closed the archive file, the inbox was in the archive folder. He restarted outlook and reopen the archive file and the inbox folder was missing.
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