Need Simple PDF creator with smtp that works with citrix published app-user adds only email address.

I have a citrix presentation server 4.5 that has a published app...basically a customized excel sheet.  I want the end user to click print and have a small dialogue open that creates a pdf and then allows them to email it to themselves.  I don't publish a mapi client through citrix so no default has been set.  I have tested print2pdf which has it's own smtp client but the UI is too cumbersome for the end user to wade through.  Is there any product available or better way to do this so that it is simple to the end user (around 50 or so).  Other products were simpler to use but aren't citrix aware so they don't work through the app, just on the server locally.  This is a show stopper for me on this app.  I can't fight citrix's printing nightmares for these users on the road in a new hotel every night.  Any Ideas?
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Lee OsborneCommented:
I use PDFCreator on our network, with Citrix XenApp clients too. It installs as a PDF printer and has various options to save and/or email, etc.

It's opensource too, and we use it alongside VB macros in Word for automatic DOC > PDF > email generation. It's not completely simple, but it was the best solution I found by far.

Bullzip is primetime too
You should upgrade to xenapp 5 if you are on SA. PS4.5 is getting pretty old, technology changes so rapidly in todays world.
mfleszarAuthor Commented:
One additional step was that the built-in smtp server was not so great and I had to enable outlook express for my users in send mode only.  This solution is working well.
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