Folder Redirection Problems

Ok, I am at my wits end.  I recently installed a new Server 2008r2 box that is replacing an old 2003 box.  This server has all the user profiles on it amongst other things.  I created new GPO's that redirected the user profiles to the new server.  Did some testing and everything seemed to be working as it was supposed to.  So I activated the GPO for the first group of users and things quickly went downhill.  Logins were taking in some cases over an hour to happen.  I expected some delays because of the moving of files from the old server to the new server, but when the login finally was complete the My Documents folder was still in the old location.  Looking at the Event log I discovered that the new server was not accessible.  Even though I could ping the server, remote desktop into the server and browse the server the folder redirection process could not see the server.  I first thought that I had screwed up the folder and share permissions but I''m pretty sure those are correct.  Finally after many hours of trying to figure it out I changed the IP address of the server.  Currently I am in the process of converting from a flat to a VLAN network.  The first group of users were on the old 192 network so I changed the IP address of the server to a 192 address and the redirection seemed to work.  So I assume that there was a configuration problem with the servers network card and by changing the IP that fxed the problem.  Today I discovered that a few users in the first group are on the 172 network and the folder redirection is not working for them.

What am I missing here?  Is there something in my switches that I may not have configured correctly.  The main switch is a 3Com 5500.  The edge switches are Dell switches at the moment.  The next group of users that will get the folder redirection GPO are located on the 172 network so I have got to figure out what the problem is.

I know this has been a rambling jumble but if anyone could give me some insight I would be most appreciative.
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KenMcFConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Glad it is working.
it sounds like you either have a ACL inplace betweent he VLANS or routing is not properly setup. You said you could ping the server. Where did you test this from? Are you able to ping the server from a clients computer on both subnets?

If the old server is working for users on both subnets then I would change the default gateway on the new server and also compare any static routes that may be in the old server.

Check the routing on the switches to see if there are any static routes in place for the old server.
I read it and what you just told me is that you have a problem with your VLAN.  Network clients and servers need to not only be able to ping each other accross networks but also resolve each other in DNS .  Check your routes between vlans with pings, check DNS with nslookup.  Once your foundation is set then check your GP assignments with gpupdate / rsop etcetera.  You may need to add new zones to DNS for the new vlan networks depending on what kind of DNS setup you are using.
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tvenableAuthor Commented:
I can ping the server from the 172 network and I can do an nslookup on the server name and it resolves. The ACL's that are inplace were setup by the system.  Here are the the two that are listed:

ACL 3997
0      permit      ip dscp ef      
1      permit      tcp destination-port eq www      
2      permit      udp destination-port eq snmp      
3      permit      udp destination-port eq snmptrap      
4      permit      ip dscp cs6      
5      permit      ip dscp cs7      

ACL 4999

0      permit      type 8868 ffff      
1      permit      source 00e0-bb00-0000 ffff-ff00-0000      
2      permit      source 0003-6b00-0000 ffff-ff00-0000      
3      permit      source 00e0-7500-0000 ffff-ff00-0000      
4      permit      source 00d0-1e00-0000 ffff-ff00-0000      
5      permit      source 0001-e300-0000 ffff-ff00-0000      
6      permit      source 000f-e200-0000 ffff-ff00-0000      
7      permit      source 0060-b900-0000 ffff-ff00-0000      
8      deny      dest 0000-0000-0000 ffff-ffff-ffff      

I have included a snapshot of the routes that are in the main switch.

Are the users on the 172 network able to access the old file server?
tvenableAuthor Commented:
Yes.  The network has not changed since the new server.  Prior to this everyone's profile was on the old server.  
All I did was create a new GPO to point to the new server.
Does the new server have the windows firewall enabled?
tvenableAuthor Commented:
No. The firewall is turned off.
Are the users on the 172 network able to access the share where the redirected folders are?

Can you post a screen shot of the GPO and any errors on the clients.
tvenableAuthor Commented:
Here is the error message I get on one of the users after a reboot:

Event Type:      Error
Event Source:      Folder Redirection
Event Category:      None
Event ID:      101
Date:            11/18/2010
Time:            6:25:28 PM
User:            FBCMI\SKennerly
Computer:      FBCMI-SKENNERLY
Failed to perform redirection of folder Desktop. The new directories for the redirected folder could not be created. The folder is configured to be redirected to <\\fbcmi06\UserProfiles\fbcmi\%USERNAME%\Desktop>, the final expanded path was <\\fbcmi06\UserProfiles\fbcmi\skennerly\Desktop>. The following error occurred:
The system cannot find the path specified.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at

This message is repeated for each folder that fails to redirect.

I have enclosed the GPO.

Does this path exsist on the file server?
Are you able to access this using the users account?
tvenableAuthor Commented:
I can see the root of the path - \\fbcmi06\UserProfiles  The other folders below that are created by the GPO.
tvenableAuthor Commented:
KenMcF,  I am getting ready to head home for the evening.  It is going on 7pm here.  Any other ideas I will be happy to look at tomorrow.  Thanks for the help so far.
Can you verify permissions on your share and the subfolders. follow this article.
tvenableAuthor Commented:
That is the exact article that I used to setup the share and its permissions.  Let me tell you what has transpired this morning.  I decided to try an experiment.  I manually created the user folder, then I logged in from the users computer and the folder redirection worked as it should.  I am getting ready to try another test user that is on the 172 network to see if they have the same problems or was this a fluke.
tvenableAuthor Commented:
I think this was a fluke.  I was able to successfully redirect another user's profile on the 172 network without incident.  All the folders were created automatically as it was supposed to.  I am thinking that this users profile was messed up back at the beginning when there was a problem with the network config on the server.  Maybe the profile thought that it had already been moved and so it could not find its folder.  So when I manually created the folder it could finish the task of moving its files.  I don't know but this has been quite the experience.  I am praying that when I move the other users all will go well.

KenMcF, thank you for all your insights.  I will award you the points.
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