reconfigure Novell Server after a HDD upgrade on EMC CX4 - 120

HI Guys

What needs to be reconfigured on a Novell Server 6.5 after a HDD upgrade on EMC CX4-120
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deroodeConnect With a Mentor Systems AdministratorCommented:
Not very familiar with EMC products:

Usually when you upgrade disks in a SAN the data stays intact (at least with the products i know). RAID is redistributed over more disks or over larger disks, and you get one or more extra logical volumes. You can use these extra logical volumes (or logical disks) to expand your NSS pools or create a new NSS pool and volume.
Georgio1510Author Commented:
Please note that Novell server is booting from the SAN EMC CX4-120\
Georgio1510Author Commented:
Guys , please note the full picture
we have a file and print server Netware 6.5 booting from SAN EMC CX4 120
we are in the process upgrading the Space do we need to perform any action on the Server
ie : do something in NSS

It would help to know the current NSS / volume configuration of the server.

In the meantime, maybe this will help:
Georgio1510Author Commented:
couldnt find better answer or there was no answer had to accept and research more
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