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I have an administrator account, Domain\Admin1, that should have been given some Exchange permissions by our Exchange admins.

I would like to clarify exact what permissions that account has.

Does anyone know how to do this? I think we need to use powershell now but I'm not sure of the command.
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Schnell SolutionsConnect With a Mentor Systems Infrastructure EngineerCommented:

But why nost just check the Exchange Membership?

Get-ADPermissions (But this one is used just for modify very customized permissions with the ACL of AD relate to Exchange)

What exactly do you mean by permissions?  Were they added to a group like Exchange Admins which gives them rights?
You can use below PS script


# fill  with user  CN “Common Name”
$user=$ou.psbase.children.find(“cn=tartetCN “)
$groups = $user.memberof
foreach($group in $groups)
$strGroup = $group.split(‘,’)[0]
$strGroup = $strGroup.split(‘=’)[1]
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kam_ukAuthor Commented:

Yes, they should have been added to an Exchange group but I don't know how to check this?

Is there no powershell command like "get-exchpermissions -user xxx" etc?
no you would need to create a powershell script to do that.  Do you have access to the Exchange console or Active Directory Users and Computers mmc?
kam_ukAuthor Commented:

I ran that command, but I can't see the "User" column easily, do you know if it's possible to specify that it displays the full characters?

Secondly, I want to check if the account is an Exchange View-Only Admin, is this possible via the powershell command?
belpepsiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
put a |fl at the end of the command
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