How to change internet name of 2008 Server and renew SSl certificate without causing a problem.

Hi All,

This will probably sound more complicated than it actually is but need a bit of advise on a clients 2008 Server.  

This was the first 2008 server I ever set up and I kind of fudged it truth be known and didn't know then about the need for UCC certificates to handle autodiscover e.t.c. but somehow whatever I did worked and clients were not troubled with the username and password prompts when firing up Outlook so everyone has been happy.  However their original godaddy single domain SSL certificate I set up has now expired and I now realise I need to bite the bullet and tidy up everything on the server and do this whole thing properly.  Now my issue is this:

When I set up the server I didn't know what was required when the setup wizard asked for an internet name so I bought a new domain name called then created a subdomain called and used that as the internet name of the server.  I then got and installed a single SSL certificate for and eveything has been fine (OWA is secure e.t.c.) HOWEVER, the internal domain was set to "exampledomain.local" and the external email (i.e. the users proper email address domain) is ""  Now I know this is messy but that's why I want to straigten it all out.

The orginal SSL certificate has now expired and users are getting expired cert errors when they open Outlook.  What I would like to know are what steps do I need to take to tidy things up first, then request a UCC certificate covering OWA, Autodiscover e.t.c. as at the moment I don't know what the SAN names should be for the certificate or anything!

Thanks in advance


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lbuenoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Adam,

Are you looking to change the external domain name or internal domain name?

if you just need to renew cert that's very simple. just need to know where you purchased the certificate. if you used GoDaddy all you have to do is login to your godaddy account and click on Certificates and click on renew.

1) Re-run the certificate wizard under SBS and
2) Select the option " I want to renew my current trusted certificate with same providers".  or " I want to replace the current certificate with a new one" this is if you change the domain name and want to generate a new cert.
3) Follow the prompt.

if you thinking of changing internal domain.local to something else, than you'll need to re-install OS, because you can't change the domain name once it has been stablish by final wizard configuration during SBS setup.

If you are looking to change the external domain, that's easy.
Re-run the Setup your internet Address wizard

Things to do before

A) Backup your system.
B) Purchase domain or you can do this during the setup.
C)  I suggest you take a look at your current DNS configuration at your hosting and take notes.

1) Launch SBS Console
2) Click on Network tab and select Connectivity tab
3) Click on the Setup your internet address link on the right pane.
4)  Follow the prompt. On this page, select one of the following options:
I want to purchase a new domain name. Use this link to purchase new domain
I already have a domain name that I want to use.

5) Follow the prompt:

If you choose to have the server manage the domain name for you, the wizard configures these components:

Domain Name System (DNS)
Certification Authority
Internet Information Services (IIS)
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) mail policies for Exchange Server

This is done for domain registar that apper on the list, if your register or hosting company does not apper here you will need to setup these records manually.If you chose to manage the domain manually you will need to know how to make these records at your domain registar or hosting company

You can customize the host prefix within the Internet Address Management Wizard.  for example

this is the new address your clients will need to type.  

6) Follow the prompt.
7) when installion is finish, run the add certificate.
8) Follow the prompt on how to install cert. This is where you will need to enter your configuration.
9) when prompted to enter issue to: enter the domain name you selected. (This is the domain that the cert will be issue for)

NOTE:Make sure you login to your hosting and add the DNS records requried for RWW, OWA  and autodiscovery

 Also Adam, click on the help links during the wizard configuation you will find very valueable information there that will help you configure your server properly.

Hope this helps...

Libis Bueno
amlydiateAuthor Commented:
Perfect many thanks for your help with that!

All the best

I'm glad that worked.....

should you have any questions regarding SBS, please don't hesitate to contact me...


Libis Bueno 
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