wusbf54g adapter and windows 7

Has anyone been able to get the linksys wusbf54g adapter to work with windows7 64bit? if so please help
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jamietonerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
With the adapter plugged in and xp mode running, in the top bar click USB, then click unidentified device(atleast this is what mine shows up as), then install the xp driver. All this will do is enable the wireless connection in xp mode, Windows 7 will still not have a network connection.
jfranco123Author Commented:
already checked that out no help on there
There are no drivers. Linksys/cisco never made drivers for this device for windows Vista or 7. I have a simliar linksys usb adapter that also has no 7 drivers, but it works fine in 7's xp mode.
jfranco123Author Commented:
how do you run it in xp mode?
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