Windows NTFS best file allocate unit size for a Backup-to-Disk Partition

I'm configuring a 2TB partition for backup-to-disk, and normally I just take the default file allocate unit size of default, or 4096.  I'm wondering if since I'll have a small number of actual files and the files themselves will be very large, would it help performance if I set the size to be much higher than the default?  If so, would I put it at the highest of 64K?
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kevinhsiehConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you have a small number of large files, I would use 64K NTFS allocation blocks.
Darius GhassemConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For backup you can run the 64K option but how much performance gain are you really going to get.
jpletcher1Author Commented:
That link requires a login so I can't see it.  I'm not sure of the performance statistics, only that everything written by Microsoft claims the higher the size the better the performance.  Can you explain a little about what the article says?
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Darius GhassemCommented:
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jpletcher1Author Commented:
As I read this article it seems to promote 64k block size as long as I'm not going to use compression right?  I don't see anything regarding performance so to speak.  I think I'll just go with 64k.  Thanks for the info.
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