Redim Statement requires an array

Posted on 2010-11-19
Last Modified: 2013-11-27
I am working on a class assignment.  Some of the code is provided, and I am trying to work out the 'holes' to fill in.  The declarations are mine, so it is entirely possible something there is off there.

The point of the assignment is to view a Title, Date and Memo stored in a text file.  I am getting the error Redim Statement requires an array on line 33.  Can you help me understand what I need to change?  Thank you.
Public Class frmMemoryHelper

    Dim strCurrentFile As String

    Dim StreamReader As String

    Dim intMax As Integer

    Dim intPos As Integer

    Dim strDummy1 As String

    Dim strDummy2 As String

    Dim strDummy3 As String

    Dim strData As String

    Private Sub mnuMain_ItemClicked(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.ToolStripItemClickedEventArgs) Handles mnuMain.ItemClicked

        Dim intX As Integer

        Me.dlgOpen.Filter = "Text files (*.txt) | *.txt|All files (*.*)|*.*"

        Me.dlgOpen.InitialDirectory = Application.StartupPath

        Me.dlgOpen.FilterIndex = 1

        Me.dlgOpen.Title = "Open a Memory Helper File"

        If Me.dlgOpen.ShowDialog() = DialogResult.OK Then 'display dialog and accept user input

            strCurrentFile = Me.dlgOpen.FileName

            Dim objReader As IO.StreamReader = New IO.StreamReader(strCurrentFile)

            intMax = 0

            strDummy3 = "Dummy Value"

            Do Until strDummy3 = Nothing

                strDummy1 = objReader.ReadLine

                strDummy2 = objReader.ReadLine

                strDummy3 = objReader.ReadLine

                intMax = intMax + 1


            intMax = intMax - 1


            objReader = Nothing

            ReDim strData(3, intMax)    'Make the array the size of the # of records

            Dim objReader1 As IO.StreamReader = New IO.StreamReader(strCurrentFile)

            For intX = 1 To intMax      'Read all records to the array

                strData(1, intX) = objReader1.ReadLine

                strData(2, intX) = objReader1.ReadLine

                strData(3, intX) = objReader1.ReadLine



            objReader1 = Nothing

            intPos = 1

            Fill_Screen()               'Put data in the text boxes.

        End If

    End Sub

    Sub Fill_Screen()

        Me.txtTitle.Text = strData(1, intPos)

        Me.txtDate.Text = strData(2, intPos)

        Me.txtMemo.Text = strData(3, intPos)

    End Sub

End Class

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Question by:ReneeM787
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Expert Comment

ID: 34176845
Dim strData(3, 0) As String

Expert Comment

ID: 34176903
Or maybe even a little better... use: Dim strData(,) As String

Author Comment

ID: 34177659
That worked, Den.  Both options removed the error.  Can you give a brief explanation of why the 2nd option is better?  Thank you!

Accepted Solution

Den_HBR earned 500 total points
ID: 34179577
You will NEVER notice any difference between both options

With the second option you are not yet reservating memory.
If you use the first option and for some reason your Sub mnuMain_ItemClicked is never called, your program is using more memory than it needs.

Secondly, if you reserve the memory in 2 steps, your allocated memory will probably not be sequential.


Author Closing Comment

ID: 34180922
I am going to post a follow-up question because I am now getting an index out of bounds error when I try to open the .txt file the program should display.  But, since this answer solved the error I posted about, I will repost.  Thanks.

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