How can you delete a file (possible infection)

When launching CCleaner the laptop freeze systematically at 75% when clean folder under
C:\Documents and Settings\dsaade\Application Data\Sun\Java\

When launching AVG the laptop freezes when reaching
C:\Documents and Settings\dsaade\Application Data\Sun\Java\Deployment

We did run Malware byte in safe mode
We did Install unlocker1.9.0.exe to delete this *.idx file (1 KB)
Also Installed moveonb.msi to delete this *.idx file at reboot

No success

We did pinpoint the problem as being this *.idx file

C:\Documents and Settings\dsaade\Application Data\Sun\Java\Deployment\cache\6.0\62\7c1e60be-2c033b73.idx

As soon as we touch it (even right click we wanted to open it with notepad) the PC freezes

We did launch Check Disk on the C drive:
checked - Automatically fix system errors
checked - Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors

At reboot:
What appear on the screen at chkdsk: file record segment 89044
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download gmer from  Expand the tabs at the top and go to files. You should be able to delete this file with Gmer.
You could try making a bootable CD with Dr Web Cureit and running a virus scan that way. That may remove the file. It's a free download:

Have you tried safe mode with Command Prompt?

BCWIPE demo will allow you to right click and delete then it will do it at boot.
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Right click the File>Properties>Security>Advanced Button>Uncheck "Inherit Permissions>Select "Copy" in the pop up box, >Clock OK, and in the users section at the top, remove all but your logged in user and SYSTEM. Set "Deny, Full Control" rights on the file.

Reboot, and then go back into the file properties, and grant yourself Full control, then delete the file......

Basically this method prevents any hidden startup objects from getting a handle lock on teh file you are trying to delete....

use add remove programs
Visit and download "PendMoves v1.1 and MoveFile v1.0".

To delete the file run the this command and then reboot.  The "" makes it delete the file at boot:
Movefile C:\Documents and Settings\dsaade\Application Data\Sun\Java\Deployment\cache\6.0\62\7c1e60be-2c033b73.idx ""
I would open the Java console (double-click the icon in control panel) and then go to General tab - - Settings .  Uncheck "Keep temporary files on my computer" and then OK your way out.  Then go back into the console to the same location, and this time click on the "Delete files" button. Check "Trace and log files" and then OK your way out again.

Now try CCleaner again...
havetteAuthor Commented:
Well no luck for the moment:
PendMoves -> freezes
Gmer -> freezes
Permission changes, the moment I uncheck "Inherit Permissions" -> freezes
cmd prompt I did try delete (not in safe mode though) -> freezes
May need to pull the drive out, and slave it to another machine to delete the files.....
Gmer freezes in safe mode?

Have your tried using the misc section of HJT. You can del a file at reboot with that
@ccampbell15Date Good tip...    I did not realize it did that and use the think all the time.
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