exchange 2010 / outlook 2010 question

hello, we are in a co-existence mode ex2003 & ex2010 - same exchange Org.
when i move a mailbox from 2003 to ex2010, how can i get the Outlook 2010 client to auto seek out the CASarray rather than me having to go in manually and repointing from the ex2003 server.
thanks in advance,

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This should be handled by autodiscover, assuming you have everything setup correctly (like autodiscover url, autodiscover included in your certificate, etc etc..)

test your autodiscover here:

Also for internal usage of autodiscover you should create A records in your internal DNS to use the internalURL for autodiscover

If you have created a casarray, when you recreate the profile does it resolve against the "" ?

Be sure you have proper DNS records in your internal DNS server
Be sure that you have pointed your mailbox databases against the rpcclientaccessserver, which is the casarray
Be sure that you've given a virtual internal ip address to your casarray from EMS
It should be automatic if moving mailboxes in the same org.
Suliman Abu KharroubIT Consultant Commented:
I did not understand the question, could you please explain?

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siber1Author Commented:
Hi Suliman, sure to clarify, we have just installed exchange 2010 in co-existence with our Exchange 2003 Org.
when i move a users mailbox from exchange 2003 to the Exchange 2010 database, the Outlook 2010 client of the user that I just moved to exchange 2010 still points to the old exchange 2003 mailbox server. I was expecting the outlook 2010 cilent to detect that the mailbox has been moved to exchange 2010 and re-point itself to the 2010 CASarray that we have setup.

we are having to go into the Outlook profile and update it to point to the 2010 CASarray.
is this not supposed to auto update on it own?

thanks - S.
Suliman Abu KharroubIT Consultant Commented:
just to confirm your environment:


DNS records:

ex03 -->x.x.x.1
ex10 -->x.x.x.2
CASArray -->x.x.x.3 (VIP)
MX record points to  CASarray

Please confirm,

siber1Author Commented:
Suliman, not sure why you are asking if the MX record points to our internal CASarray. the external MX records point to our Linux MTA's.
as you know, CAS servers do not route SMTP traffic, this would be the job of the HT and the MTA's.
the other info you list is correct, separate host A records for each.

Suliman Abu KharroubIT Consultant Commented:
Autodiscovery service on exchange 2010 is designed to automatically redirect the user and permanently change the user profile, if a user mailbox moved from server to another one.

So, does the client point to Ex2010 CAS or to Ex2003 frontend ?
siber1Author Commented:
Hi Juuso, yes i have all of this configured. yet still the outlook MAPI clients do not auto change their existing profiles to the CASarray
we are having to manually create new profiles for exchange 2010 using autodiscover.
What happens when a migrated user opens her / his outlook for the first time (without recreating the profile) ?

Does outlook read disconnected or requiere password, whats the status ? Remember that there might be a sync delay, whats the longest that you have waited before recreating a profile for a newly migrated user ?

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