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Posted on 2010-11-19
Last Modified: 2012-05-10

I have file that I need to spell check and was wondering if there is an easy way of doing this in gnome.




how are you
what year

Also, not sure if this is possible:


howre best

how best # Essentially remove anything from a file not recognized in the dictionary

Thank you
Question by:faithless1
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Linux has the 'ispell' and 'aspell' utilities for spell checking.  If you need a gnome graphical front-end you would need to install gnome-spell.
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Expert Comment

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Hi faithless1,

Considering your name, you sure do have a lot of faith.  In this case, I think I have less.

What output would you want when the input line is such that it can be broken into different lists of words, depending on where you break the input line?  No examples come to mind, but do you know what I mean?  Would you want all the valid word combinations to be output, or what?

Also, do you just want proper words, or would you want to include names, jargon, acronyms, etc?

Author Comment

ID: 34193615
Thanks for responses offers part of what I'm looking for.


I'm also losing faith on this one, I'm just looking to clean up a list of words. For output I would just need the same info from the original file, just would prefer to output correctly spelled words.

Also, if I can output proper words, names, acronyms etc that would be extremely helpful. thank you
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Hi faithful1 (consider yourself renamed, in accordance with your aparent character),

Allow me to give you an example of what I'm asking about.  For lack of a real example, let's say that "awsome" is a word (meaning "awesome", of course).  And you had a line like this:
The program could decide to break that into:
    i saw some
    is awsome
Would you want all the valid word combinations to be output by the program, or what should it do?

If you include names, acronyms, etc, then there will be so many duplicates, triplicates, etc, that it wouldn't be funny.

Could you please tell us what this is for (i.e. why do you want such a program)?

Author Comment

ID: 34202286
Actually, that would be perfect - a final output of all valid words and another with non valid. I'm working on a keyword research tool since most of the ones found online are not capable of supporting large lists. Thanks in advance.
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Expert Comment

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So why does the input have to be without delimiters (spaces) between words, Dino?

Author Comment

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Occasionally, there are some misspellings just want to make sure they are fixed but its not very important.
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Expert Comment

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Are you saying that you want to convert things like:
    i saw some      and
    is awsome
in the hopes that you will correct misspellings?  I would have thought that such a strategy is only going to pick up one kind of typo (i.e. missed spaces), and could result in many more typos being assumed, e.g. if you get the name:
then you could find these words in it:
    i an
and assume (in error) that "ian" was a typo.  And that would also work with a lot of real words.  Want some examples?

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