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Slideshow script

I'm looking for a free slideshow script which does exactly what this one does (almost)


I'm only interested in the sliding from right to left and vice versa.

I can't seem to find anything this elegant, it has a nice ease out effect.

Any ideas where i can find something like this?

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1 Solution
It's a Flash-based slideshow. Not sure modifying (or using only a part) is possible.
Type25Author Commented:
No it's not, it's dhtml.

I have the script but it's obfuscated.
Samuel LiewCommented:
This is the slideshow script that is used on their site. Just open the JavaScript file, and edit the image directory, etc., which I have moved to the top of the file so you can see it easily.

Include the file in your page where you want the slideshow to appear:

<script charset="utf-8" src="slideleft.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
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Samuel LiewCommented:
If you want me to simplify the image declaration part so that there are fewer variables, i.e.:

imgarr[0] = new Image();
imgarr[0].c = 0;
imgarr[0].onload = secondcomplate;
imgarr[0].src = slideleftfoldername + 'sampleimg11.jpg';
imgstr[0] = slideleftfoldername + 'sampleimg11.jpg';
thumbimgstr[0] = slideleftfoldername + 'sampleimg11.jpg';
linkstr[0] = 'http://www.scriptocean.com/';
targetstr[0] = "_self";
titarr[0] = "Scriptocean Javascript Slideshow";
desarr[0] = "Javascript Slideshow is an easy to use tool for creating slideshows.";

You could create a new question.
hmmm...there is javascript in an <iframe> element; it is not obfuscated, but it is on a single line?

I'm not willing to break it apart and/or format it.
Type25Author Commented:
Thanks but i just wish the script wasn't obfuscated, it means i can't edit any of the behaviour. Like creating next/previous buttons etc...

It isn't obfuscated, at least not in my little world ;-)
Type25Author Commented:

this.slideleftff1ff = slideleftff1ff;
      this.slideleftff = slideleftff;
      this.slideleftfff = slideleftfff;
      this.slideleftffff = slideleftffff;
      this.slideleftfffff = slideleftfffff;
      this.slideleftff1fff = slideleftff1fff;
      this.slideleftffffffffffffff = slideleftffffffffffffff;
      this.slideleftfffffffffffffff = slideleftfffffffffffffff;
      this.slideleftffffffffffffffff = slideleftffffffffffffffff;
      this.slideleftfffffffffffffffff = slideleftfffffffffffffffff;
      this.slideleftff1f = slideleftff1f;
      this.slideleftffffff = slideleftffffff;
      this.slideleftfffffff = slideleftfffffff;
      this.slideleftffffffff = slideleftffffffff;
      this.slideleftfffffffff = slideleftfffffffff;
      this.slideleftffffffffff = slideleftffffffffff;
      this.slideleftfffffffffff = slideleftfffffffffff;
      this.slideleftf1f = slideleftf1f;
      this.slideleftffffffffffff = slideleftffffffffffff;
      this.slideleftfffffffffffff = slideleftfffffffffffff;
      this.slideleftf1ff = slideleftf1ff;
      this.slideleftf1fff = slideleftf1fff;
      this.slideleftf1ffff = slideleftf1ffff;
      this.slideleftf1fffff = slideleftf1fffff;
      this.slideleftf1ffffff = slideleftf1ffffff;
      this.slideleftf1fffffff = slideleftf1fffffff;
      this.slideleftf1ffffffff = slideleftf1ffffffff;
      this.slideleftf1fffffffff = slideleftf1fffffffff;
      this.slideleftf1ffffffffff = slideleftf1ffffffffff;
      this.slideleftf1fffffffffff = slideleftf1fffffffffff;
      this.slideleftf1ffffffffffff = slideleftf1ffffffffffff;
      this.slideleftf1fffffffffffff = slideleftf1fffffffffffff;
      this.slideleftdevam = slideleftdevam;
      this.slideleftf1ffffffffffffff = slideleftf1ffffffffffffff;
      this.slideleftSonraki = slideleftSonraki;
      this.slideleftzindx = slideleftzindx;
      this.slideleftf1fffffffffffffff = slideleftf1fffffffffffffff;
      this.slideleftff1ffff = slideleftff1ffff;
      this.slideleftff1fffff = slideleftff1fffff;
      this.slideleftff1ffffff = slideleftff1ffffff;
      this.slideleftff1fffffff = slideleftff1fffffff;
      this.slideleftBas = slideleftBas;
      this.slideleftff1ffffffff = slideleftff1ffffffff;
      this.slideleftff1fffffffff = slideleftff1fffffffff;

It's not ideal though lol
Sudaraka WijesingheWeb Application ProgrammerCommented:
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