Dell wireless .WPN files - export to Windows 7

I just upgraded from a Dell to a Lenovo. I have been using the Dell WLAN utility to manage my wireless profiles. I would like to have those profiles migrated over to the Lenovo which is using the native windows 7 management utility. I have exported the profiles from the Dell in a .wpn file and can't find any way to get them into the Lenovo.

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johnb6767Connect With a Mentor Commented:
XP doesnt natively have a method to export the WIFI profiles.

The New Wireless Network Setup Wizard in Windows XP Service Pack 2

Closest thing there was in XP. Do you have that many profiles that you cannot simply browse for them, and Join, and enter the key?

WirelessKeyView: Recover lost WEP/WPA key/password stored by ...

Use the above if you need to retrieve the keys..... Believe it has an export function to at least get something ina  text file, to copy/paste into the new OS.... Beats typing hard keys.....

See if this helps
Where you previously using Windows 7 on the Dell?
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farroarAuthor Commented:
moon blue69, seems you forgot something.

No I was using XP on the Dell
-> what's your Lenovo model ?
-> Wlan is intel chipset (plz check in device manager)  ?
-> windows 7 in default OS with Lenovo ?
farroarAuthor Commented:
On the XP machine (XP Pro SP3 Dell Latitude D630) I was using the Dell WLAN Card Utility V.A22. I was able to export a file containing the profiles to a file named bcmpn.wpn.

The Lenovo is a T510 runing Win 7 Pro .
Yea, I know, but the Dell util is only designed to import via OTHER Dell WLAN Utils....
Would probably be easier to just rejoin them back manually on the Windows 7 box.....
farroarAuthor Commented:
It seems that it isn't possible :(. I am just going to have to rebuild my list as I go from client to client, unfortunately I do not have a master list to go off of.

Thanks for the assistance.
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