I am familiar with data modelling , cognos, cognos framewrok model, sql. But I want to learn more about ETL. Can someone please let me know of some self learn links or video tutorials that will help me become good at ETL concepts and also maybe a ETL tool with an example project. I learn better by examples. I want to also know how it is used on  organization which have disparate data sources and on top of that have mergers. What type of maintainence do they have to do... and so on...

PLease help...!

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Sara_j_11Author Commented:
and then where do I take it from there. Would this give me enough to be an entry level ETL person.
The screen shots are small and kind of very hard to see...
ARe there are video tuorials or maybe a screen reader so I can hear it versus seeing it for the text part..???
Reza RadConsultant, TrainerCommented:
As a good ETL Developer, learn these ETL Tools:
SSIS (SQL Server Integration Service )

these 3 tools are the most powerful ETL softwares. Here is SSIS Forum and experts here can help you lot to be professional in SSIS, but I strongly recommend to install whole 3 softwares and read books to be a Professional ETL Developer.
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8080_DiverConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would also recommend becoming really, really good at SQL. ;-)

Essentially, learning to do ETL is like learning to ride a bicycle . . . you can read all the books you want to and study it as much as you choose, but, at some point, you have to actually get on the bicycle and try to reide it.  Doing so will generally result in some skinned knees along with a whole new understanding of what is involved in actually riding a bicycle.  Learning to do theoretical ETL can be accomplished from books.  Learning to actually do ETL is only going to come with practice doing it.

The Good News is that SQL Server Express 2005 comes with a BIDS component set.  The Bad News is that you can't actually schedule the packages using SQL Server Express.  However, you can execute them in the BIDS development environment.

I don't know if Informatica and COGNOS have free versions of their tools (although I certainly plan on checking ;-).

Oracle also has a form of ETL handling, I believe.
Sara_j_11Author Commented:
can someone tell me if one has free resources to learn oracle Etl or SSIS - I would like to get  links on free resources on either one, to start with... I already know the BI aspect of cognos. I mean I have done dimensional data modelling in Cognos framework manager and powerplay. Is thatwhat u mean by ETL? Or is cognos ETL different?

ETL means Extract, Transform, and Load.  It has nothing to do with a particular product or, even, whether or not a data warehouse is involved.  I have several ETL packages that are manipulating data and loading it into OLTP databases and some that are doing the same thing exceopt the load is into an OLAP database.  So, ETL is a tool that can be used for whatever it is appropriate to accomplish.

As I said, SQL Server 2005 Express comes with a bids component that lets you set up SSIS packages and execute them . . . you just can't schedule them. ;-)  On the other hand, if you are really wanting to learn SSIS, you can buy SQL Server 2008 Developer edition for about $50 and that does come with SSIS (and is the equivalent to the Enterprise Edition ;-).

As for Oracle, there is also a free/"Express" version of Oracle but I have no knowledge about what comes with that one.

Also, there are some good tutorial videos on the Pragmatic Works web site (, among others.
Reza RadConnect With a Mentor Consultant, TrainerCommented:
As 8080_Diver explained , Dimensional Data Modeling and ETL are different things,
ETL gather up data, and can not be relevant to any data warehouse,
but using ETL combined with Data warehouse is needed in most cases.
by the way, you can learn SSIS with great book here:
this is one of the best books on SSIS.

also you can ask your questions here any time, 8080_Diver, me and other experts here will help you on issues about  SSIS.

You should select a Tech book (and in this field I suggest SSIS Wrox book), but also a conceptual book like onde from Kimball Group.
Sara_j_11Author Commented:
I got familiar a little bit about ETL , but I dont really seem to get a grasp on the framework  behind real time datawarehousing. I understand that it is more like 24/7 and that it uses some sort of services. But what are really these services.... can u please help me understand this better?
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