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Stored email address, and it isnt mine.....

My sons xbox is apparantly storing an email address that doesnt belong to him, and he has no idea where it came from. When he launched Last.FM, or NetFlix, it was prepopulated with this unknown email address, and of course we dont have a password to it. I need to find out where this information is stored......

It is an XBox 360 Elite, with XBox Live.

Note - He did have an XBox stolen from him, and I am wondering if the person who stole it might be using his live account as well, and thats where this data is being cached?
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2 Solutions
Why you don't just write to this guy a message from anywhere that he will answer you. You just need be smart...
Then you can find some more information from him in his email header, like IP address and you put it in a GEO locater, which indicates you the postal code. May this brings you then to a next step which you can choose with cooperation from the police. Just describe your case and they should help you.
Verify the password assigned to your son's Xbox Live account is one that he can access. Then change the password on the Xbox Live account.

That should effectively lock someone out if they are hijacking his account. Go through his Live account profile, and make sure you set an secret questions (for password recovery) to something new, and make sure there are no mobile phone devices associated with account that you are not familiar with.

As for Last.FM or NetFlix, reassociate with the account you have already created. I believe NetFlix now uses a profile specific device code, accessible from the web site?

Are you sure this isn't an e-mail address your son created on the side?
johnb6767Author Commented:
"Why you don't just write to this guy a message from anywhere that he will answer you. You just need be smart..."

Excuse me??


Please dont post in this thread anymore. I dont appreciate the way you answered.....

First thing I did, was to research the email address. Im trying to find out where this information might be cached. And jessc7, I have already reconfigured Netflix, so that wasnt a problem. Its not his email address, but it seems like as we get into more apps, the email address is being pulled in from a central spot. Thats what I am looking to get.....

And I will make sure he changes his account password/recovery options for LIVE.

Might need to call XBox support.....
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Have you tried managing your account?

Sorry, should have said, have you tried managing the Live account, and verifying which e-mail addresses are associated with it?
johnb6767Author Commented:
Its the proper email address.
I do feel it's possible your son's xbox account has been compromised johnb6767
refs to>He did have an XBox stolen from him,<< wasn't one of his mates was it?
he'd be pretty silly if even possible for the thief to use your sons account though.
Since the service is a paid for account right?
Apart from changing the password johnb6767 this may run a lot deeper, I know sigh what a pain,
  I'd suggest you contact Netflix / Xbox and ask them about if it's possible for someone to piggyback your sons account. Since his previous Xbox was stolen.
Don't reply to any unknown emails as that act in itself could be the hook to compromise all his accounts.
Whoever the email address belongs to is either a hacker or someone who is banking on the old human curiosity to know who it is.
Log into hotmail and add this email address to spam.<< can he still log into hotmail?
Check if it's listed in the hotmail or messenger contacts list and remove it.
If it's a friend of your son they'll find a way to reach him kids do just fine.

Just a side note, a friend of mine in NZ just recently had a similar problem,
I'm in Australia and all of sudden we started receiving an email from a person named the same as my friend, who would have seen this coming,
he was asking for money as he was in London  ( yeah right) and had lost their bag with his  bankcard and password. And until the NZ  Consulate issued him another he wanted 4,000 dollars which he would pay back of course. He was indebted  to us with any assistance we could help with bla bla bla
Then the same email arrived at my work and at the workplace with my partner.
We knew then it was a serious scam. We reported it to the Australian FBI.
The sad part is my friend can nolonger log into his hotmail account while this bogus is logged in.
All he can do is create a new hotmail account with a new name and password.

So on that the areas you may need to look into are the social networking  as well,
since youtube is now linked to Google facebook twitter windows live  and so on. All conected.
here's some tips for a long shot
How to check if face book  account is hacked?
Xbox Live Account Got Hacked?!!!!
I sincerely hope it will turnout for the best.
johnb6767Author Commented:
Thanks for the info.

"Log into hotmail and add this email address to spam.<< can he still log into hotmail?"

It is a ymail account that he uses for XBox Live. Luckily, not my personal info, its my exwife's...  LOL

By piggybacking the account, not sure I follow... I guess I could ask them if perhaps they have streaming at multiple IPS, then they could check that perhaps? Does XBox Live allow multiple simultaneous connections from different IPs?

I have no idea where this email came from. Seems like something is cachwed in his Live account, and that any attampts to launch an app, pulls this as  a"default" so to say.....

I am thinking I will call them in the AM, since I really dont feel like working on a holiday week... lol... Kidding (in case any colleagues are reading this).....

Ill also look over the links as well, and see if I can come up with anything else....

Will keep you updated.....

I'm not familiar with how Xbox sees live emails johnb6767
 but can you r/click the email /properties>Details>Message Source?
 like in Windows Live Mail?


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