Crystal Reports with 35 columns and 1000 rows (Need to Export to Excel and if need to be viewable and readable in infoview)

Hello Gurus,

Environment: Crystal Reports XIR2 / Oracle 10g / Business View Manager /Business objects XIR2/ Front End: .NET/ Visual studio 2005

I am using Business Views/Elements as source for my report.
Its a team member roster report, which contains 35 columns (out of this 20 are of string data type with textual information, rest of them are numeric fields)
Its a simple report to show list of team members information for the manager (without any grouping or formulas involved in the report)
The user needs a Excel down loadable format(since the reports contains 1000+ rows and 35 columns)

In Crystal Full Client, I changed the page setup to 11x17 by changing default printer which handles that size.(As I was not able to place all fields in A4 or Legal page)
I placed all the fields (set them to same height) in detail section with no spacing between the columns and able to build the report,
but in preview mode the report is not good for display. And most of the textual data fields are truncated as I am not enabling Can grow.
Currently I m using font size of '7'.

When I opened the report in Info view, I m able to see the report till A4 size and  rest of the columns are not displayed.

Needed Suggestions:
1. How to create report with 35 columns, need to be readable and viewable in Info view
2. Need to export to Excel
3. Is it possible to provide a link in the .NET portal (front end) to directly pop-up a message to OPEN or SAVE the report in Excel format, instead of displaying the report in the info view.
(In regular scenario, when they click the report link, it points to enterprise and opens the report in Info view)
4. Do we need to customize Info view page size to make it scrollable and view 11x17 page size report.

Thanks In Advance !!
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James0628Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you need a really wide page, one option would be to use a printer driver that allows you to create a custom page size.  I've done this using a "virtual printer" that actually saves the output in a PDF file.  The one I'm currently using is "CutePDF Writer", but there are others.  I've used a couple of them and they work by emulating a PostScript printer, and then converting the PostScript output to a PDF file.  The PostScript printer driver that's used with CutePDF includes the option to create a custom page size (I would imagine that the other "virtual PDF printers" do too).

 If the custom page size is a more or less standard feature of PostScript printers, then you may also be able to use any PostScript printer driver to create a custom page size.  But assuming that you don't actually have a PostScript printer, using a "virtual PDF printer" seems like a better solution.

Hi, a report with 35 columns at 7' is just unreadable! :-)  

Are you are doing this to export the data to Excel?

If not, I recommend you analyze the data and create a more useful report.

Regarding the size custom page setup in infoview while scheduling.
You might read through this document on how to create a report for export to excel

If you don't need to print the report, you could install a printer that has a large page size available

Free Tool: Port Scanner

Check which ports are open to the outside world. Helps make sure that your firewall rules are working as intended.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

RaoVPAuthor Commented:
@mlmcc: thanks for the response, I already went through the document and came up with the approach.

Actual the problem is the user don't want to see the report in the portal, instead they need the link to directly to open or save in excel.

======== Please see the details explanation below ===================
Instead of opening a report in Infoview window is there a way to give directly to export to xls

I have .NET portal with list of report links, when the user clicks on any of the report, it then points to enterprise and passes (Manager_No) parameter to the .RPT file and then displays the report information in the Infoview window. This is regular functionality and its working fine.

For my new report which client needs direct link to open or save the report in Excel.

1. New link is created in .NET portal.
2. When user clicks the link instead of opening the report in Infoview window, I need to display link directly OPEN or SAVE the report in EXCEL.

Note: Since my report has 35 columns and 1000+ rows the users dont want to see in the portal window, and they need direct link to download to EXcel.

Please let me know its kind a urgent requirement, I came up with report but in Infoview I am able to show only columns till A4 size that to the truncated data since most of them are textual information and I used small column width with no can grow.
I don't use Infoview so I don't know for sure.  I believe it is possible to have it export directly.  I know it would be from an application.

Kurt ReinhardtSr. Business Intelligence Consultant/ArchitectCommented:
What's the URL structure to call the reports from within your portal?  There are generally two methods to doing so: 1)  Legacy URL reporting and 2)  opendocument.  Which method are you using?  

RaoVPAuthor Commented:
For sure we are using opendocument
 (because earlier we modified the opendocument jsp code to customize the hyperlink reports to open in new page)

Its  general question, because I came across in SAP forums, one way to change the default printer settings on BOE server, if so whether it will effect the existing view features of other A4 and Landscape reports?

Please let me know, because the now the user want to see the report in portal and also needs to download to Excel format for further analysis as its contains 1000+ rows and 35 columns

Thanks Again!!
RaoVPAuthor Commented:
As its not compatible to show full report in Infoview, the requirement as been shifted to NET side.
It sounds like my suggestion didn't help, in which case you shouldn't have accepted it as the solution.  If none of the suggestions helped, you can ask to have the question deleted, or accept your own post as the solution.  Keep in mind that if you accept a solution, the question will remain here on EE and someone may come along some day with a similar problem and read this question and think that my suggestion was the solution to your problem.

 If you'd like to delete the question or change how you closed it, you can use the "Request Attention" link and ask to have it re-opened.

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