Vantages and advantages of using 2 internet connection in Failover mode

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What is the Vantages and advantages of using 2 internet connection in Failover mode?

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Dr. KlahnConnect With a Mentor Principal Software EngineerCommented:
In failover mode, if one of the two network cards in the computer fails, or either cable is cut or damaged, or one of the two modem/router/interfaces fails, the internet will still be available so long as either modem/router/interface has access to the internet.  There is no speed advantage to using two connections in failover mode; the second connection is used only if the first fails.
williamitAuthor Commented:
What is disadvantages of using  2 internet connection in Failover mode?
I know that we need to pay 2 internet providers. What is the other disadvantages?

The only disadvantage I see is paying for a line that you are not using.  
akalbfellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You would need to get address space from ARIN, get service via 2 tier 1 providers for best redundancy and setup BGP. Other than cost, the only downside is that running BGP exposes you to some problems you wouldn't have when running just the 1 connection. Like with anything if the setup is done correctly you minimize any problems but they can still occur.
With a correct setup if your main line goes down you can be 100% operational on the other line within a minute or so.

You dont necessarily need to use the two lines as active/standby failover. you could load balance between the two using BGP and see a better return on your investment.
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