What's the best photo gallery plugin for Joomla?


I have a situation. I have one joomla website and I need to create a system where the user can create a lot of photo galleries, there must be one page with a list (index) with all galleries created, and the gallery will be a page with lot of thumbnails (side by side) and photos should be opened in a lightbox (modal).

I need a plugin very simple to use, this plugin must not depend of an item of menu to create a gallery, it must creates an gallery in an article (by example), looking for something very easy to use... and in HTML.

Anyone knows any plugin with these features or any way that I can do it?


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To create gallery in article
I like this one sigplus
This one sigehttp://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/photos-a-images/photo-gallery/13762

The whole listing: check the demos this will hepl you to select the appropriate one
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