Foreground to transparent in Gradient Map not working in Photoshop CS4 or 5

When I try to use a Gradient Map adjustment layer, and I click on the Foreground to transparent option, it simply appears as all black (or all white if the foreground color is white) rather than the gradient to transparent as it should appear.  I only get this behavior in the Gradient Map adjustment layer, not in the Gradient Tool.  I have tried resetting the default settings for this adjustment as well as the Photoshop settings in general with no success (including deleting the *.psp file).
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viseeraConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Thats what the property it has.

You can read more about the property here.

kmead6Connect With a Mentor Commented:
What is your image of that is underneath the gradient map adjustment layer? Gradient Map maps the equivalent grayscale range of an image to the colors of a specified gradient fill. Does it happen if you choose a gradient map preset that is not black or white (like blue/yellow/blue, etc.)?
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