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Wireless for Residential Complex

Hi Experts
I am looking for the most cost effective but good quality solution for Wireless at residential complex. The complex has about 100 3 bedroom units but not all of them will want Internet access. Can we work on a solution for 20 units with Internet access for now.

However, the units will be scattered but very close to each other.
I want to get my service provider to install a WIMAX 2mbps solution that offers uncapped unshaped bandwidth.
I then want to boost this WIMAX solution with probably a Wireless Router / AP so that other units in the complex can connect to the Internet and have decent speeds.
I then want to install a Wireless management system so that i can control who has access to the Internet and how much bandwidth they get, also if someone does not pay then I can terminate their access etc
I know this is possible but I am not looking for a very expensive solution

The WIMAX 2mbps will cost me USD157. Not sure what solution to get to boost the Wireless signal to the other units.

Please help with best , easiest and cost effective solutions to get the entire scenario above done

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1 Solution
Improve wireless - an improved antenna is a low cost solution and may be sufficient.

Set up a proxy server using squid and squish to control your network access and bandwidth limitation.  Use authentication to access the proxy server and you can control who has access.

BSTITAuthor Commented:
HI, i don tthink controlling would be an issue. However, my concern is how to get all units in the complex to access my Wireless and also how to get good browsing speeds for them.
If a install a 2mps WIMAX solution and if I want 20 people to connect, does this mean 20 people divided my 2mbps = 100kbps browsing speed. If this is the case then its going to be very slow. I need at least 300kbps browsing speeds

Also, the antenna you suggesting, will this antenna cover the complex, any idea whats its coverage radius and estimated costs?
This would not be the easiest solution, but it may help you reduce cost. You might want to take a look at it:
On some locations, they may have other accessories like outdoor/indoor antennas, etc. Integrated solutions are also available.

Then you can use something like this software to control the wired/wireless access:
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BSTITAuthor Commented:
Is this available in South Africa.

I had a service provider call me now saying they can offer me a Wireless Baystation that has a coverage of 3km. This Wireless will have 4mbps to 10mbps speeds. Its not uncapped but rather I must just buy the gigs from them.
The gigs cost ZAR100 per gig ie. 14usd per gig

What do you think? Is it a good offer? They aid each house will have 256kbps browsing speeds
If you see here: it says that it is available in South Africa.

I don't know about the conditions in your area, but usually I wouldn't worry about the ISP yet. After I have a good setup of wireless outdoor units with a good coverage, then I can start thinking about what ISP I will use.

However if that's an integrated solution from an ISP, then it would be easy for you, right? You just need to buy a software to control the user's access.
BSTITAuthor Commented:

I am just trying to research this better. I contacted the SA companies and they told me they can provide the solution that will cover the WIRELESS SIGNAL in the complex for ZAR 20 000 which is USD2800 (very expensive)
Then they said I need to get an ADSL line which is 10mbps from TELKOM. They said 1 would be too slow for I need to get at least 2 ADSL lines from Telkom.
Then they said I need to get an ISP tp provide the bandwidth which is not that expensive

IS THERE NO OTHER SOLUTION? I can get WIMAX or ADSL and ISP but to get the signal out to all the houses is very expensive
Any other way thats cheaper?
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