Generate the Javacore in Windows for websphere PIDS


We use  Kill -3  <PID>  to generate the Javacores   or the THreadDump  in UNIX

what is the cmd to get it in windows 2003  ?


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AdminRAMConnect With a Mentor Commented:

See this link

IBM MustGather: Performance, hang, or high CPU issues on Windows - United States

and look for collecting data manually

it has following steps along with bat file

# Download the attached script (windows_hang.bat) under profile_root\bin folder.


This script will be used to automatically generate 3 javacores with 2 minutes interval. Before running the script, check the following:

   1. Name of the problematic server(s)
   2. If admin security is enabled then get the username/password.
   3. Check if the default SOAP port is changed. See FAQs for how to.

# For each of the problematic server(s) open a command prompt and go to profile_root\bin. Enter the following command to start the script:

windows_hang.bat [problem servername]
Check out the following document:

Suggestions are different depending on if the AppServer is running as a Service or not. The above article should give you a good idea of what you need, even if you are using a different version of WAS.
reddy2388Author Commented:
Thanks for the reply but how to do it practically if my process is number is  some 3404
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SendSignal <pid>

Open in new window

If you run into issues using SendSignal, there are some good tips at:

reddy2388Author Commented:
Iam getting error if i USe the above one  any idea  

SendSignal.exe 5128
Sending signal to process 5128...
Access denied; retrying with increased privileges.
CreateRemoteThread failed with 0x00000005.
StartRemoteThread failed with 0x00000005.
0x00000005 == Access is denied.
reddy2388Author Commented:
Thanks for you help
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