vbscript sql query write to file


I have a vbscript used to run a sql query...
In the past I have the whole results  placed in memory  (variable) and then write it to a file in the end.
I need to change this to write to the file as it reads it (writeline...comma separated)

The sql query returns 10 columns and hundreds of rows

anyone have any idea
(the old  piece of code for the sql query section is below)
Set objConn = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
objConn.ConnectionTimeout = 0              
objConn.CommandTimeout = 0
Set objRS = CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
objConn.Open StrConnectStringset objRS = objConn.Execute (arrlist)

intCount = 0
Do While Not objRS.EOF
nRow = nRow + 1
For i = 0 to objRS.Fields.Count - 1 
stat1 = stat1 & objRS.Fields(i) & "," 
f.WriteLine stat1

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mmr159Connect With a Mentor Commented:
OK, I think we still have a misunderstanding.

Are you asking to have the code physically write each line to a file *during* execution, so that you might see the code performing while it is running?


Is there simply something wrong with the output, like the records or columns are not properly written by line?

If your issue is the first one, then I don't particularly see the problem.  As far as I know, WriteLine will write in real time.  If it is not, the only thing I can suggest you try is to open, WriteLine, then close the file object every record in the loop.

If your issue is the second one, let me know, and see some more of the code.  To me, you would want something more like the following:

Do While Not objRS.EOF
   variable = objRS.Fields("first_column") & "," & objRS.Fields("second_column") & etc...
   f.WriteLine variable

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You could always just directly export it using bcp out.

neoptoentAuthor Commented:

 I need to use a specific query that changes earlier in the script..
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You can do that too. Let me know if you change your mind.
So you have it already working (building the entire result set, then writing the file)??

All you have to do now is to write to the file after each row.  I'm not sure what else you need.

neoptoentAuthor Commented:
I cant firgure out where to do the writeline and then have it go to the next row
From the bit of code you posted, it appears like you're close.  Please post all of the code... at least the part that includes all of the FSO stuff.
neoptoentAuthor Commented:
I have the fso part
Set f = fso.OpenTextFile(SMPath & "\Provider\DB\AllSecurityEventsalert.log", 2 , True)

The issue I am having is getting the writeline to write line by line.... as opposed to populatin the stat1 variable with all the results of the squery then writing it once to the file

You have two loops, one for going over the number of records, another inside that loop to go over the number of columns.

1) You should consider eliminating the second loop.  You should instead concatenate the desired fields in one line.  Like

for each record
    record = rs.fields("column1") & "," & rs.fields("column2") & "," & rs.fields("columnX")

Doing this will allow your code to survive certain types of schema changes, and is simply the better practice.  You really should never reference fields by ordinal position.

2) It looks like the code does write to file as the recordset is read.  But looking at the code, I would imagine the output looks something like this:

colA, -- record 1
colA,colB, -- record 1
colA,colB,colC, -- record 1
colA,colB,colC,etc... -- record 1
colA, -- record 2
colA,colB, -- record 2
colA,colB,colC, -- record 2
colA,colB,colC,etc... -- record 2

To only write like per record, move the WriteLine under the Next.  You will also have to clear the stat1 variable after that record has been written.

neoptoentAuthor Commented:
Currently what happens is the query is executed (I have 13 columns in the select) it put them line after line into stat1 and then writes stat1 to a text file...

I am not sure I understand where in the code to force it to write line after line into the file
neoptoentAuthor Commented:
The sql query streams into a variable called stat1 right now and then write to a file at the end.
I want the query to writeline to the event file instead of streaming into a variable
It *should not* be writing the file at the "end".

f is your file object, right?  When you call WriteLine, it should write what you ask it to right then and there.  This is why I don't understand why you're having a problem.

Without the entire code, or preferably a small but complete example that demonstrates your problem, I can't help.
neoptoentAuthor Commented:
Some help
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