MS RRAS VPN - need to route the VPN network to private network

Here are our network settings:
Office Network

VPN IP Pool –

We are running out of IP addresses in the network and would like to have a separate pool for VPN users.  How do I get the VPN pool to access our private network?

We are using MS RRAS and I have the following settings:
Local Area Connection


Thanks in advance!
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QlemoConnect With a Mentor DeveloperCommented:
I'm talking about the LAN ( The default gateway needs to have a route to via
Since both networks are disjunct, you need to allow for routing. First, enable routing the RRAS settings.

If the RRAS server is your default gateway, you should not need to do anything on the network. Else your default gateway should have a route for the VPN pool addresses with RRAS server as gateway.

The RAS clients however have to decide whether they allow for "Use remote gateway", which sets the default gateway to the RRAS server, or manually set a route for the network by calling
route add mask

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scottvinAuthor Commented:
I already allowed routing and the test client is set to "use remote gateway" but I am still unable to access anything on the network.  

If you are talking about the default gateway for the network workstations, it is

If you are talking about the VPN clients, you cannot enter a default gateway when using VPN.

Could there be a problem because I don't have two NICs in this machine?
scottvinAuthor Commented:
ahhhh... thank you, I didn't even think of adding a route on the Sonicwall firewall
scottvinAuthor Commented:
thanks for pointing me in the correct direction!
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