Can't stop the spoolsv.exe from stopping my IMA service in Citrix?

I am having a problem with my Citrix Metaframe XP terminal servers. I reboot them every morning and when the boot up I get a pop up that says spoolsv.exe entry point not found having to deal with dghelp.dll file. I have researched multiple things that have told me to copy the newest dghelp.dll from location on my server and overwrite the oldest.Another article recommended removing the HP software on the PC and when I check there were no HP software just drivers for the printer. The only other solution I found was deleting all the printer on the PC, this will be hard to do because this is a production server that is constantly in use. Does anyone have any suggestions that may help me get rid on this error.

Also this pop up is causing the IMA service not to start on reboot. As soon as you click off the pop up the IMA service starts.

The Servers are Windows 2000 servers.
dgreenjr26IT DirectorAsked:
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sunilswainConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The problem may be with the print drivers.  Your drivers may not compatible with
Citrix.  Use the utility like Stressprint (from Citrix's support site) to test each and
every printer to see if they are compatible.  When you find ones that
are not compatible you must remove them.  you can then use print driver
remapping or the UPD so the print can be used.

link for stressprint:

Sounds like a bad print driver. Run stressprint on your server to find the bad one.
dgreenjr26IT DirectorAuthor Commented:
I will give it a try
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