windows 2003 domain reporting wrong functional level

I am currently trying to install exchange 2010

i have several 2003 servers, a couple 2008 r2 servers
and no 2000 or prior servers

The domain was in mixed mode, but in order to install exchange 2010 I raised the functional level to 2003.  This was done 2 days ago.  When i try to run

setup /prepareAD
the server reports that the domain forest is still in mixed mode

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koffeaConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
ok - i got this sorted - kind of

i transfered the schema master role to the pdc with the intent of then transfering the role to another server that i was going to install on thursday.  however, when i transfered the role to the pdc  "Active Directory Domains and Trusts" reported that the domain was in mixed mode.  So i raised it to "windows server 2003" and it all worked out fine.  

so there must have been some issue with the server that had the schema role.  no matter, i am taking it off line this week.

thanks for the help
Tony JConnect With a Mentor Lead Technical ArchitectCommented:
Try the commands in this order: /PrepareLegacyExchangePermissions /PrepareSchema /PrepareAD

Of course, it would be a good test to ensure your domain is ready with no replication issues etc.

Get hold of a copy of the Exchange Best Practices Analyser and run the readiness check.
Tony JLead Technical ArchitectCommented:
Oh and just another thought - Windows 2003 SP1 or above? That's a pre-requisite.
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Worth checking that AD Domains and Trusts MMC shows the domain and forest functional level correctly.
As losip said, check your forest functional level too
koffeaAuthor Commented:
yes i am running SP2 /PrepareLegacyExchangePermissions and the other commands fail on the Organization checks.  It reports that the domain is not at a functional level of 2003 or higher.

AD Domains and Trusts MMC reports that the current level is:
windows server 2003

how do i specifically find the forest level?
MegaNuk3Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Domain Functional level is done through ADUC

Forest Functional level is done through Active Directory Domains and Trusts:
Right click in the top left hand side pane on where it says "Active Directory Domains and Trusts" and you see a "raise forest functional level" option

The other thing to consider is what level your exchange org is. You need to raise it to native for Exchange 2010 as it doesn't support Exchange 5.5 or Exchange 2000.
koffeaAuthor Commented:
this is the first exchange server in our organization.  

I have verified that  "Active Directory Domains and Trusts" and you see a "raise forest functional level" option says that it is at "Windows Server 2003"

could this issue be that i do not have any windows 2008 r2 domain controllers?  only member servers.
is there any way to run: /PrepareSchema /PrepareAD
 on a windows 2003 server (ie not 64 bit)?
MegaNuk3Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you check the exchange org level and confirm it was native too?
Exchange 2007 has a 32bit version you can prepare AD and the schema with, but I would rather not as you are going direct to Exchange 2010.

How many Domain Controllers do you have? Log into all of them and verify the domain and forest functional level.
Interesting. Thanks for the points and your solution.
koffeaAuthor Commented:
tells what i did but not really why it worked
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