antec ea-500D enough for 4870x2 card? having reboots while gaming

Posted on 2010-11-22
Last Modified: 2013-11-08
Before anything, please dont instantly assume this is psu problem and analyze with me the situation carefully observed to see what is really the problem, just in case even if you really believe its psu, so..

I know higher psu is recommended but the guys who sold me this said its really really good psu which should handle it, and it did handle it for some time though :(

My mobo is: Asus p5Qc, psu is as said in title antec earthwatts ea-500D

All details about psu rails etc are on details page on newegg link above

Currently i have 6-pin PCI-e connector coming individually from psu connected to my gpu

And another 8-pin PCI-e connector connected to my gpu. This 8-pin connector is separated on 2 4-pin cables and each of those enter their own 4-pin that is then linked to a single 4pin psu cable which finally finishes in the PSU. It looks like this...

single 4-pin cable that is linked like this...
          I   I
         x   x
          I   I

Now the PROBLEMO...

Whenever i start starcraft2 campaign and animation starts it reboots me after several seconds, just when the guy fills the drink in the bottle. This is surely not the first time this happened as it happens in every high end game like battlefield bc 2 and games like that, those really heavy games.

Also here is a picture of the gpu log which shows the situation when i enter game, animation starts, and finally it shows the last log when it reboots my pc...

So far i tried with:

drivers - no result
removing restart on system failure to see bsod - no result
cleaning gpu from dust -  no result
memtest - memory is fine
cpu stresstest - cpu is fine
Question by:markox2
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Expert Comment

ID: 34193121
The Specs for the 4870x2 claim it requires a 650watt power supply, but you're right, you can't just look at that.

Looking at the specs for your power supply it says it has 2 high current 12V rails with 22Amps per rail.

The log you posted has the video card sucking down ~57 Amps (Holy cow batman!).  

So, with the power supply rated at 44 amps on its 2 high current 12V rails, I'd say you're really short and that it's probably the power supply, or simply lack of amps that are causing your issue.

There are 3 rail 500 watt psu's out there, I think Antec calls it true power or something, but yours isn't one of them.

Also, when you buy the new psu, look for one with the 6+2 connectors on it so you don't have to use the cheat cable - it will void your warranty...

Author Comment

ID: 34194375
Hey rsimsee, can you explain me that part 6+2 connectors? I am not really sure what you mean and should i connect it to my gpu in some special way?

Author Comment

ID: 34194384
You also mention that i use 44 amps on 2 rails, is it because 1 rail is with that linked 8 pin and another rail is on 6 pin connector used on my gpu?
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Expert Comment

ID: 34194732
calculate the power you need here  :

Expert Comment

ID: 34196580
The 6+2 connector is the "8 pin" connector that you need for that video card.  Most power supplies will give you 2 6+2's instead of an actual 6 and an 8.  The 6+2 just means it has 6 pins with a little extra 2 pin connector that fits together to make 8 pins.

If you look at the "details" link for the power supply that you have, under output it has this:

+3.3V@25A, +5V@24A, +12V1@22A, +12V2@22A, -12V@0.8A, +5VSB@2.5A

You'll notice that it has 12v1 and 12v2 both at 22A, these are the "rails".  A 3 rail psu would have a third high current 12V3 output.  The rails in the psu will be "load balanced" so that all of the connectors are as evenly split between all of the available rails.  

If you buy a 2 rail 800 watt power supply with 2 6+2 connectors, one of the 6+2's would be on one rail, and one would be on the other.

Hope this answers your questions for you!

Author Comment

ID: 34201437
Ok BIG NOTE guys

Stupid of me i forgot to mention it doesnt reboot the animation inside game if i disable Catalyst A.I

However, there seems to be a guy with same problem and he didnt find solutikn for it with swaping of PSU :(

Accepted Solution

rsimsee earned 500 total points
ID: 34202775
Well, I can't say whether or not there are other problems, but realistically speaking, the amps that the card are drawing exceed the capacity of the psu, and that doesn't address the fact that the card is not the only device in there drawing amps!

Chances are, even if upgrading the psu doesn't fix your problem, you are currently overloading your psu and you're better off upgrading it before it dies on you.  And, if you're running that card, I'd probably just go ahead and get a 1000W psu, that way you know it's not going to be a problem, and it will probably run more efficiently than a 650W would with the load that you have.

I haven't run an x2 card on an ATI chip since my Rage Fury Maxx, but the article you pointed to seems to say that disabling that feature also disables one of the gpu's, which is going to cut your amp draw in half...  

Either way, if you've already upgraded to the latest Catalyst driver, there isn't much else you can do other than calling support.  If you call support the first question they are going to ask you is what psu you have and how many watts it is (and I know this because I just had to replace my 9800gx2 under warranty), if your psu doesn't meet specs, they can void the warranty on you...

LVL 34

Expert Comment

ID: 34220108
I agree you need a new power supply. Besides voiding the warranty on the card overloading the psu caryn cause it to fail catastrophically(smoke and flames) and that will usually fry the entire system.

Author Closing Comment

ID: 34239135
Damn it, i still have no clue what to do after months it seems i will need to buy new hardware to test things or do whatever that requires some major pain in the ass to do, i ll accept your solution raimsee as at least you try to help, i am done with e-exchange
LVL 34

Expert Comment

ID: 34242043
"Damn it, i still have no clue what to do after months it seems i will need to buy new hardware to test things or do whatever that requires some major pain in the ass to do, i ll accept your solution raimsee as at least you try to help, i am done with e-exchange" If you are looking for someone to blame for the problem blame the idiot(s) who built the system. Anybody who as any experience building gaming systems would know that a 500w psu with 44a on the 12v rails isn't going to run a video card that requires ~54a(more or less depending on manufacture and clock speeds). The symptoms that the system is displaying are text book for an underpowered system. You came here for help in solving this issue and all the evidence points to a power supply that is too small.

Author Comment

ID: 34243871
@jamietoner:I just tried with another game 50A on one gpu + 25A or so ona nother and it didnt reboot me for several days of playing the game constantly while it happens in sc2 on that specific animation EVERY TIME!


Author Comment

ID: 34243886
So, it seems you cant just say its lack of power problem for sure can you?

Author Comment

ID: 34243914
Also i agree that they are idiots indeed, i ordered components and they built a system from it and sent it like that /rolleyes, good that i wanted to set it up together anyway but i mean you can see how unprofesional and stupid they are

They also tried to defend themselves on it /anotherrolleyes, whenever i see someone mentions them in the forums or wherever i make sure i explain my opinions on them

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