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Posted on 2010-11-22
Last Modified: 2012-05-10
The following code works in Outlook 2007. However in Outlook 2010 it does not work. No errors are produced. It is supposed to look through a users inbox and identify any e-mails with the text "Vizzihome" in the subject line and then split the body text into components.

In 2007, all the e-mails are picked up and split correctly. In 2010 none of the e-mails are picked up. Any thoughts ?
Dim mail_subject As String

Dim address_lines As Variant

ReDim address_lines_str(20) As String

Dim no_of_address As Long

Dim full_address As String

Dim Category As String

Dim j As Long

Dim r As Long

Dim p As Long

Dim str_len As Long

Dim hyperlink_pos As Long

Dim pos_of_postcode As Long

Dim postcode_area As String

Dim pos_of_full_stop As Long

Dim pos_of_Bedroom As Long

Dim next_row As Long

Dim pos_of_date As Long

Dim pos_of_Current_price As Long

Dim No_of_Bedrooms As String

r = 4

'* point to the name space

Set oNameSpace = Application.GetNamespace("MAPI")

'* set a reference to the inbox folder

Set oFolder = Application.GetNamespace("MAPI").GetDefaultFolder(olFolderInbox)

'* loop through the inbox

For Each oInboxItem In oFolder.Items

mail_subject = oInboxItem.Subject

pos_of_full_stop = check_source(mail_subject, ".")

If (check_source(mail_subject, "Vizzihome") > 0) And (pos_of_full_stop > 0) Then


    ReDim address_lines_str(20)



    address_lines = Split(oInboxItem.Body, "Address:")


    no_of_address = UBound(address_lines)



    'tidy up address lines




    For j = 0 To no_of_address


        Category = Right(mail_subject, Len(mail_subject) - pos_of_full_stop)


           'position of date


           pos_of_date = check_source(Category, "(")


          Reporting_Week = Right(Category, Len(Category) - pos_of_date)

          Reporting_Week = Left(Reporting_Week, Len(Reporting_Week) - 2)




         If pos_of_date > 0 Then

            Category = Left(Category, pos_of_date - 2)

         End If



                objWB.Sheets("sheet1").Range("d1").Value = Reporting_Week



        address_lines_str(j) = CStr(address_lines(j))



        'position of hyperlink


        hyperlink_pos = check_source(address_lines_str(j), "HYPERLINK")





        If hyperlink_pos > 0 Then


             r = r + 1


            'write out reporting week


            objWB.Sheets("sheet1").Range("a" & r).Value = Category




            'remove hyperlink


            address_lines_str(j) = Left(address_lines_str(j), hyperlink_pos - 1)


            objWB.Sheets("sheet1").Range("b" & r).Value = address_lines_str(j)


            'position of postcode


            pos_of_postcode = check_source(address_lines_str(j), "Postcode")


            full_address = Left(address_lines_str(j), pos_of_postcode - 3)


            objWB.Sheets("sheet1").Range("d" & r).Value = full_address


            address_lines_str(j) = Right(address_lines_str(j), Len(address_lines_str(j)) - pos_of_postcode + 1)


            pos_of_Bedroom = check_source(address_lines_str(j), "Bedroom")


            postcode_area = Left(address_lines_str(j), pos_of_Bedroom - 3)


            objWB.Sheets("sheet1").Range("k" & r).Value = postcode_area


            address_lines_str(j) = Right(address_lines_str(j), Len(address_lines_str(j)) - pos_of_Bedroom + 1)


            pos_of_Current_price = check_source(address_lines_str(j), "Current")


            No_of_Bedrooms = Left(address_lines_str(j), pos_of_Current_price - 3)



            objWB.Sheets("sheet1").Range("m" & r).Value = No_of_Bedrooms


            address_lines_str(j) = Right(address_lines_str(j), Len(address_lines_str(j)) - pos_of_Current_price + 1)


            objWB.Sheets("sheet1").Range("o" & r).Value = address_lines_str(j)



        End If



    Next j


 End If


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