Facebook: Wall Home Page vs Custom


We are making a custom home page for our facebook fan page. The only problem is, it seems a lot of people find people on facebook because the wall is the home page and thus searchable by Google.

How much search traffic are we giving up by making a custom home page?

Our site: www.nlpca.com
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AndyBeardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would honestly ignore SEO with Facebook in as much it is a by product.

Your aim is to get as many people to "like" the fan page, interact and share your content, comment etc.

All of those activities in some way will result in the viral spread of links that will drive traffic to your page from within Facebook, and will affect whether your content appears in more people's streams.

That also influences Facebook internal search, and maybe external search engines using the data.

Thinking about the direct SEO effect other than the Facebook page is likely to appear in brand searches is just a distraction.
weikelbobAuthor Commented:
Great, so having a home page like mine:


won't slow me down I assume.
The focus has to be to get the "like" not drive traffic back to your site until after the like.
weikelbobAuthor Commented:
OK. I can do that.
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