Extend wireless network using 3Com Access Point 7760

Trying to extend an existing wireless network (located on main floor of office building) to third floor offices.  

Main floor wireless is set up using a 3Com OfficeConnect Wireless 11g Access Point.  DHCP server is our SBS2003 server with address range for distribution -

Configuration of this AP is as follows:-  
Lan Settings
IP Allocation Mode  - Static IP manually specified
IP address
Subnet mask

DHCP server is not enabled

Wireless settings

Wireless networking enabled
Channel 2
SSID ourwireless
SSID broadcasting enabled

WEP 128bit encryption enabled
Connection control - all wireless PCs can connect

Third floor is connected to main floor by ethernet cable running from third floor to switch in main floor server room.  On third floor a D-Link swtch is connected to the network drop and a 3Com Wireless 7760 11a/b/g  Access Point is plugged into the switch.

This AP is currently configured as a wireless repeater (its mac does not appear in the original APs client list).  It is set to obtain its IP address automatically (current settings are IP, subnet, default gateway

Wireless mode is 2.4GHz 11Mpbs (802.11b) / 54Mpbs (802.11g) Static SSID specified as ourwireless (specified by choosing from Site Survey); Security and Shared Key set to match original AP).

When testing with laptops on third floor I am having sporadic success at identifying the network (signal strength is poor but I sort of expected that) and at connecting but although I get an indication that the wireless network is connected I am not getting internet access.

Management do not want to pay for a second internet service and really want to use the connection they have coming into the first floor - I'm open to suggestions on alternatives or some hints on where I may have gone wrong with configuration.

Wireless access on the main floor continues to function without an issue.

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You could always install the router on ethernet with the same network name if the signal is not being seen as when you tranfer the signal may not drop between to the two, otherwise you will need a repeater that boasts the signal.
Rommel SultanCommented:
It seems like your repeater(3com 7760) doesn't have enough Power to boost the signal.

Make sure that you followed the manual on how to provide power to your repeater.
According to the manual you have 3 options to power this device.


I would recommend to contact 3com support to give you an expert advice.
Rommel SultanCommented:
Lisaa_GAuthor Commented:
Currently using PowerDsine 3001GC poE injector - will the product you are recommending give me better results?
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