IPSwitch iMail emails missing information in an account

I've run into a strange problem at the school I support.  The email service is IPSwitch Imail, version 11.02.  One user's account has nearly all their emails "missing."  The emails are listed with timestamps when they log in, but the subject, body, to address, and from address are all missing from each.  I tried removing the .guid, .uid, .xml files of main (main being the inbox) so they could be regenerated on login, but it didn't help.  The .mbx file contains the emails themselves (I couldn't remove that without removing the emails).  The user accesses their email with the iMail web interface.  Any suggestions?

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snusgubbenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You are obviously missing the header and body. If those are not in the mbx-file, you can't read them.

You could look in the SMPT log from November 16 -19 to see if there was anything fishy with the D and Q file, but I don't to think that you'll be able to recreate those messages.

I would create a new user for the unlucky one with a new mailbox. Copy the mbx-file over to this new account, and remove "empty mails" from the file.

I would also run a "chkdsk" on the disc where the mailbox was located to be sure you don't have any bad sectors.

ruralsolutionsAuthor Commented:
I tried accessing the account with Thunderbird. All the blank messages showed timestamps of the same time, the time when I first pulled the mail down in t-bird.  A couple of the messages showed something like this: ------_=_NextPart_001_01CAED25.70788580--
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ruralsolutionsAuthor Commented:
Yeah, I can open it and read it.
snusgubbenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is the formatting correct (refered to the link above)?

If you create a test user and copy the problem mailbox file to this user folder. Can you view the e-mails from the web interface logged in as "test user"?
ruralsolutionsAuthor Commented:
I created the test user and the same emails were missing.  I'm able to read the mbx file and the formatting is correct accept for the missing emails.  Here's what the missing emails look like (addresses removed for privacy, one actually missing):

From <person@address> Fri Nov 12 12:21:01 2010

X-UIDL: 591150466

From <person@address> Tue Nov 16 08:31:31 2010

X-UIDL: 591150467

From <person@address> Tue Nov 16 10:43:31 2010

X-UIDL: 591150468

From <> Tue Nov 16 14:07:09 2010

X-UIDL: 591150469

From <person@address> Tue Nov 16 15:34:34 2010

X-UIDL: 591150470

From <person@address> Tue Nov 16 18:07:34 2010

X-UIDL: 591150471

From <person@address> Wed Nov 17 09:39:38 2010

X-UIDL: 591150472

From <person@address> Thu Nov 18 09:55:35 2010

X-UIDL: 591150473

From <person@address> Thu Nov 18 10:09:46 2010

X-UIDL: 591150474

From <person@address> Fri Nov 19 06:58:58 2010

X-UIDL: 591150475

From <person@address> Fri Nov 19 07:54:57 2010

X-UIDL: 591150476
* SMTP log (not SMPT)
snusgubbenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's been a while since I last saw a IMail server, but if I remember correct you could check the "IMail\..\..\SPOOL" folder for any orphan D-files (created nov 16-19).

A D-file is paired with a Q-file. ie.


Both those two files are required to have a successful mail delivery.
ruralsolutionsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the excellent suggestions, I'll look into them!  Yep, iMail is at times the bane of my IT support existence.  It's also running in Server 2003 on a computer which should be a desktop computer, not a server.  P4, 80 GB hard drive and 1 GB of RAM until I came along and upgraded it to two gigs (still same HDD and CPU though).  But it's a small public school so not surprising.
ruralsolutionsAuthor Commented:
No D or Q files currently in the spool folder.  Just log and txt files.
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