configuring hsrp primay and backup hub

Hello expert,

I have two  3900 series routers configured  as hubs (dmvpn ) to do HSRP.

I also configure three 2900 as spokes (dmvpn)

I configure route A as primary router and router B  as backup.

Let me outline the configuration of Router A.

I configure the two onboard gigabit ports for IP dsl and wireless connections

A switch card was insert on router a given a address for lan connections.

I use dmvpn for the ip dsl tunnel and for the wireless I use site to site vpn with gre

to connect to my  Spokes to the primary hub ( router A)

On router B I am using the exact configuration use on router A

For the two routers

Router A

Ip dsl interface      ppp.ppp.ppp.100

Wireless interface      ddd.ddd.ddd.117

Lan interface

Virtual interface (for HSRP)

Router B

Ip dsl interface              ppp.ppp.ppp.100

Wireless Interface         ddd.ddd.ddd.117

Lan interface       

Virture interface

When I fire both router and do fail over testing simulating a primary router failure the

Backup is taken over seamless and continuing routing.

I am using hyperterm to do any minor adjustment but very often a message would break

On either router saying that there is duplicated address on the ip dsl and wireless


I know that this true because a use the same configuration on both router the only unique addresses used is on  the lan interfaces.

Can I use the exact configuration on rouer A and router B?

If  I have to modify the address of the backup router to have unique addresses how would

this affect my dmvpn  and site to site vpn configuration.
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Steve JenningsConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
Yes, that's how my failover in a similar topology is configured. Each spoke has two tunnels: a primary using the primary transport and a secondary over the backup transport.

Good luck,
Steve JenningsIT ManagerCommented:
Use different addresses . . . configure the tunnels as different tunnels. Your HSRP config presumably is so your internal clients have a reliable address to point to . . . that has nothing to do with the source address of the GRE tunnel.

ghiest . . . duplicate?

Good luck,
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jomfraAuthor Commented:
Hello SteveJ,

I decided to use dmvpn for my ipdsl connection from spokes to hub.

For the wireless I built separate tunnels from each spoke to my hub.

this was done on Router A.

Your are saying for Router A and Router B (primary and backup) i should

use unique addresses. And do not copy Router A config to Router B.

Let see if a get the picture .

For each spoke i should have two tunnels each :-

(1) to router A
(2) to router B


Steve JenningsIT ManagerCommented:
Well . . . router A - DSL tunnel and Wireless tunnel and router B - DSL tunnel and wireless tunnel. All tunnels should have unique addresses. The shared address would be the "gateway" address your clients would use on their workstations. Usually this is the LAN address.

Good luck,
jomfraAuthor Commented:
hello Stevej

Is any workaround to allow the two primay an backup router with same

config to exist in hsrp setup.

>> The shared address would be the "gateway" address your clients would use on their workstations. Usually this is the LAN address.

I have done the above and my failure over is working okay it is just that i wanted
the two routers to be exact but if this will cause a problem i will have to created the addition tunnels

Steve JenningsIT ManagerCommented:
thermoduric . . .I didn't post the attachment the asker did.



I am pretty sure you will have trouble if you try and duplicate the addresses. I've worked with HSRP for a long time and have never been in a situation where duping the address was necessary. Perhaps you are "blazing a new trail" but I don't think so.

Good luck,
jomfraAuthor Commented:
hello stevej,

Thanks for the advice i just need a bit of clarification.

>> Well . . . router A - DSL tunnel and Wireless tunnel and router B - DSL tunnel and wireless tunnel.

From the above extraction from your post this will mean i have to do four tunnels
for each spoke two to connect spoke to router A and two more to connect router B

jomfraAuthor Commented:
hello  thermoduric ,

I am the person that post the question and if it is not a problem i would be grateful if you can delete the attachment.

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