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Download has timed out

Posted on 2010-11-22
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-10
When I try to download large files such as itunes updates or ipod updates the download begains and runs about 20 or 30 minutes and then stops. I get a message that the download has timed out. Is there any way that can be fixed?
Question by:CAR141
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LVL 49

Assisted Solution

dbrunton earned 800 total points
ID: 34194298
Look at this first

Also try

"In my network settings, I had to uncheck Web Proxy and Secure Web Proxy. Dunno how those got checked, but it had something to do with Comcast."


Accepted Solution

Saikapian_4739 earned 1200 total points
ID: 34194559
This generally happens when you have a low speed internet connection. What happens is the server from where you are downloading the file times out and hence the connection times out and download expires.

Yes going through proxy can also create some problem if you have your own dedicated proxy server so better un check that also. Try downloading files using some download accelerators like IDM which increases the download speed by approx 5 times.
LVL 27

Expert Comment

ID: 34194605
Also check here for potential resolutions ...

"iTunes Network Connection Timed Out Error when Downloading iPhone Update":

iTunes 8.0.2: iTunes store network connection "timed out":
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Expert Comment

ID: 34195347

Check the network settings on your computer.

Check for the firewall setting & also check for the virus, spyware.

Update your antivirus & scan whole system.

Also check the internet connection from ISP side & your side.

Tushar Kaskhedikar

Author Comment

ID: 34196718
Okay Experts,

My network settings are okay. I have no virus, no spyware, I've scanned the whole system. My ISP says they can see nothing that would keep me from completing the download on the ISP side. I am hardwired to the router. I tried downloading the restore with my zone alarm firewall turned off. I have the latest version of iTunes installed. As best I can I have tried all the things those web sites suggested.

Kaskhedikar Tushar, your suggestions are repeats of previous suggestions which I had already followed, although you did not know that, and they are of no help at all. Check network settngs????  I had already found that as an answer without Experts Exchange and they were okay. Besides to simply say Check network settings means nothing to me without telling me what to look for.

I seem to recall an article in a recent Experts-Exchange newsletter that said something like too many experts are just listing web sites to visit to see if they could solve a problem and that was not really helping answer a person's question at all. I agree.

Two of you have given me a bunch of web sites to look at, some of which I had already found doing my own google search and at least one of which will not open the page referenced.. I know we have to start somewhere, but none of this has helped and some of what those pages tell me to try I have no idea how to do. If I were an expert I would not need to subscribe to Experts Exchange.

Saikapian_4739's answer may be the answe. However, although I had no problem downloading the 98 MByte update for itunes I still couldn't complete the download of the restore for the ipod when I tried that. I will see about an accellerator. I have a satelite  connection so it is relatively slow and that may be the problem although it is strange that I can download the iTunes update and not the ipod restore. Don't know how big that is. And you suggest "going through proxy can also create some problem if you have your own dedicated proxy server so better un check that also." So how do I check that out. I think I already have but don't know if what I checked out is what you suggest checking out. I'm a novice at a lot of this and, as I said, that's why I subscribe to experts exchange.

So, if you have more, or anyone has other suggestions I'm still working on this problem.
LVL 49

Expert Comment

ID: 34199591
>>  And you suggest "going through proxy can also create some problem if you have your own dedicated proxy server so better un check that also." So how do I check that out.


>>  that said something like too many experts are just listing web sites to visit to see if they could solve a problem

This is something I do.  If the problem doesn't fall into quite my expertise and quite a number don't then Google it.  We aren't experts at everything.  See if the problem is common through the searches.  If it is then a good chance that a website that has a solution will be the one required.  But you can't just accept what the first web site says.  You've generally have to check out a range of solutions and see what fits best.  This method doesn't always work.

>>  I'm a novice at a lot of this and, as I said, that's why I subscribe to experts exchange.

We have no idea of your experience.  Telling us helps a lot.

>>  some of which I had already found doing my own google search

Please tell us what you've done and tried beforehand.  It helps a lot.  We do get people who do get angry at times saying they've done some of the suggestions we've offered.  But they haven't told us in the questions what they've done so we don't know at what stage of the troubleshooting process they are at.


The cause could also be too many connections at the same time to the Internet and the download gets restricted access and terminated.

LVL 30

Expert Comment

ID: 34200161
Just wanted to throw a short term solution at you. Where you say that you have a satelite connection that is slow, using your email to keep the system from timing out might help. Set your email program to check for mail every minute. This will essentially "ping" the isp. This is an old trick from the days of modems. There are also many programs out there that are free and run in the background to do the same thing... keep the connection "alive."

Author Comment

ID: 34200504
I understand what you are saying and I should have told you more of what I had done. The going through proxy and unchecking I had already done, although nothing was checked. I suppose I don't mention some of what I have done because I don't know what to call it.  

I called Apple about this. They believe it is the slow sat connection. This restore is 300 mbytes according to them. According to my computer how long it takes to download has varied from 32 to 57 minutes. SLOW! Seems like they would have a way to continue the download if it stops rather than having to start from the beginning every time, but they don't.

They suggested using a friends computer -- one with a high speed connection and doing the restore there and, according to them, I could then connect it to my computer, it would be recognized, and I could then replace the files from the last backup when it was connected to my computer.

Flubbster, I've wondered about trying what you suggested because it has seemed that if I change web pages, get an email, etc. the download has come closer to completing than if I just start the download and let it run while doing nothing else on the computer. I hesitate to have to send myself an email every minute when the download takes over 50 minutes but if nothing else works soon . . .

I haven't tried IDM. Guess I'm a little hesitant about adding another software program when I have so many now. I may try the using someone else's computer first.

This all started with my grandson trying to unblock some password locked ipod files, internet connection etc. He just kept entering passwords although he had no idea what it might be, until he finally got the message about having to unlock after connecting to iTunes. Second time he has done this. GRRRRRR!

Anyway, thanks for suggestions. I'll reply after I've tried a few things.

LVL 30

Expert Comment

ID: 34200567
You don't have to send yourself an email every minute. If you are using a non-web based email like Outlook Express or Outlook or anything else that runs from your system and not the web, then simply set it to automatically check email every minute or so. It doesn't matter wheher you actually have any new email, just that it actually checks. This ensures that your system is making a connection to your isp periodically so that if the download drops out for a minute or two, the connection will not be dropped.

Author Comment

ID: 34200661

Okay, I'll try that.

Author Closing Comment

ID: 34202624
Solutions were offered which, in most cases, probably would have solved the problem. However, the problem was my slow internet connection and there is no solution for that.

Author Comment

ID: 34202669
For clarity, the problem was my slow internet connection.  Maybe this should be suggested as the possible cause whenever this question comes up. As best I could I tried about every suggestion except using a download accelerator.

A google search shows quite a few people have similar problem with iTunes related downloads. Sometimes the things the experts here have suggested seem to have worked, sometimes they haven't. If  this problem happened to someone with a high-speed internet connection one of those solutions would probably have worked. If you have a slow internet connection then that is probably the cause of the problem. I live in an area where I cannot get high speed internet service so I can't simple change to another ISP.

I called Apple and they suggested connecting the ipod to a friends computer which has high-speed internet and running the restore through itunes. That worked. Then I then connected the ipod to my computer, the one the ipod had originally been synced to, I had to re-sync to get the games he had reloaded.

As to points, I'm not sure what to do. Saikapian_4739 some points because his answer was correct although not a solution, dbrunton some points because he was the first to suggest where to look for possible answers and other solutions were usually repetitions of those. Thanks to all who tried to help me find a solution.

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