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Im working with a server 2008 box that has an application installed for inventory tracking. I have enabled remote desktop to this box and I would like to setup rdp connections that are made to this server to run this specific program only.

How do i do this and how to i set it up so that no matter what computer i rdp from it gives the same results?
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okassisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If its only one EXE then setup in the user account environment Tab in AD

If its multiple EXE's then you need to lock for the user access via Group policy then enable as many exe's to start up on log on, again in group policy :0

Hope that helped, let us know.
winnoxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Control the whole desktop access stuff like start button etc with group policy and start the application in the profile.

Also check the licencing agreement for the software, as most companies will count a remote desktop session as a licence.
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