Iphone4 disabled after type wrong screenlock password many times

Hi all,
Today I played my colleague's iphone4, I tried to type wrong screenlock password 5 times. After that, the Iphone reboot automatically, and appeared only a shape of apple.
I tried to connect to Itune but it didn't work.
This iphone is reseted or not ? What i have to do to recover it ?
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KimmyelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
** NOTE ** It will perform a reset..

1) Hold buttons sleep + home untill iPhone turns off;
2) Open iTunes;
3) Hold home button and plug the phone to your computer. The phone will turn on and the iTunes + Arrow + cable screen will appear.;
4) iTunes will recover you phone from unsuccessful recovery process.
After 10 tries it completely locks you out and you have to call your wireless carrier to get the PUK code to unlock the phone and reset your PIN number.

If the PIN is not locked, then it's a delay and it should be unlocked after some minutes.
dash1986Author Commented:
There is no textbox to type PUK code. I have waited about 1 hour but no change, only an apple on the screen.
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Please try to hold power button and home button together for 25seconds, to perform a hardboot
dash1986Author Commented:
Because this is my colleague's phone. So i can't reset it with his allowance. Let me ask him tomorrow.
Do you have another solution that no need to reset phone ?
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
If you have paired the iPhone up to an Exchange server and the Administrator has enforced a PIN for security, then having entered the PIN incorrectly several times, the iPhone will have been factory reset (all data . settings erased / set back to how the phone was when it came out of Apple's factory).  It won't be a case of getting the PUK code from the Airtime Provider.

As the phone is showing the Apple logo - you need to pug it into a computer with iTunes on it (preferably the computer of the owner of the iPhone) and set it up / recover the data from the backup which they have hopefully taken.

If they don't have a backup - they will have lost everything.

I will keep my fingers crossed for you.
lets hope you have learnt a lesson today?  :/
dash1986Author Commented:
@ alanhardisty : You're right. My colleague use Mail Exchange on Iphone, and ME requires of him setting up screenlock password. We will do following your & Kimmyel's  instruction tomorrow.
@ roylong : Yes, i learnt. Fortunately, he has a backup. :D

Alan HardistyConnect With a Mentor Co-OwnerCommented:
Oh well - thank heavens for backups!

We had a customer that had the same problem - only no backup - so you are doing well.
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