Limited or no connectivity with vista

Good morning all,
im having a problem getting my HP laptop running vista to connect to the internet. i also have a dell laptop running xp pro and im having NO problem with that.
I have tried various things suggested on the internet such as resetting tcp/ip and winsock, flushing the dns cache and even reinstalling the o/s back to factory settings. im now at a loss.. so can anyone help?
thanks in advance -   ive attached a copy of ipconfig /all  ipconfig.txt
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John GriffithConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
Update your wifi drivers.

Go directly to wifi device manufacturer's support site, if possible.
If you are trying to connect via cable it seems that your NIC is disabled.
Go into network connections and please verify this.
Brad Sims, CCNANetwork AdministratorCommented:
Try hardwiring into the router first and see if you can connect by that method.  If it works, there is an issue with the wireless card, router, or wireless settings.

The number is automatically assigned when the computer cannot reach the DCHP server to obtain a valid ip address.

If it works hardwired, start by removing and re-entering the wireless router information (SSID, etc).  If that fails I would reset the wireless router to factory default and see if the laptop could connect to an open network.
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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Your wireless connection has failed to recieve a valid IP address from the DHCP server. (hence the

Is this the first time it has been used wirelessly on this network?  Is it possible the DHCP server is configured to only allow approved connections?
dirtycarpetAuthor Commented:
Thanks all for your prompt replies.
i hardwired the laptop to the router (bt home hub) and it went onto the internet without a problem.

Like i said i also have a dell laptop running xp pro that can access the internet wirelessly using the same bt home hub, so am i right in thinking its not the router?.

yes it is the 1st time i have tried to get this vista laptop onto my network.

john15-16 - when you say 'start by removing and re-entering the wireless router information (SSID, etc), where do i do this? on the homepage of the hub/router?

thanks again all - all replies very welcome as this is now getting on my nerves!
Brad Sims, CCNANetwork AdministratorCommented:
Sorry, I meant remove the network from the Control Panel in Vista.  Control Panel - Network and Sharing Center.  There should be a link on the left hand side once you open the sharing center that says "Manage Wireless Networks".  Choose that, select your wireless network, and remove it.  You will then have to add the information back in, but keep your XP laptop handy and be SURE you have the network password :)

Your XP laptop can be used if you need to know the Security Type and Encryption Type.  I'd be willing to bet one of these is not set correctly.
dirtycarpetAuthor Commented:
thanks john15-16 for the reply and the others. im away from the laptop now so il have a look 1st thing in the morning.. so far thanks for your help..
dirtycarpetAuthor Commented:
hi all - sorry for the long delay.
ive still got no idea why its connecting to the network but not the internet (still getting limited or no connectivity). ive checked all the above. anyone else have any further ideas?
thanks again
Brad Sims, CCNANetwork AdministratorCommented:
The only other thing I can think of at this point is the firewall.  Disable the Windows firewall and see if that works.  You may also want to try to boot to 'Safe Mode with Network' to see if you can connect.

If that doesn't work, do you have access to an external wireless card?  
dirtycarpetAuthor Commented:
apologies for the length in time between replies...
John GriffithConsultantCommented:
If still experiencing wifi problems, please run this app -

It will provide wifi info.  2 notepads will open one behind the other.  Please attach both to your next post.

Happy Holidays !


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