ISA 2006 Configuration

I plan on building an ISA 2006 just as a web proxy server on a W2K3 OS. Can someone explain to me about why I would need to create an internal and external NIC? Is that the proper configuration or can this be setup through one NIC?

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Keith AlabasterConnect With a Mentor Enterprise ArchitectCommented:
If you only want proxy then a single nic is fine.

AGenMISAuthor Commented:
I can create the server to have 2 network adapters if that is best practice. Is it better to create an ISA 2006 for just web proxy with 1 or 2 nics?
rjwesleyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In my experience iwth ISA I've always configured with 2 NIC's - but that's when using ISA as a true firewall appllcation.

It is a however a common scenario is to install ISA Server with a single network adapter to use ISA as a Web proxy.


AGenMISAuthor Commented:
Since I'm only going to user the server as a Web Proxy, can I disable the Microsoft Windows Firewall service?  Also, I'm not sure what's blocking the server but since I installed ISA 2006, I can not ping or browse to it. I disabled the Microsoft Windows Firewall service but I'm still having trouble.
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