3com switch setup?

Hi Experts,

I have a 3com 5500 and here is the configure of one interface that goes to my desktop:
interface Ethernet1/0/6
 stp edged-port enable
 port link-type trunk
 port trunk permit vlan all
 port trunk pvid vlan 10
 broadcast-suppression pps 3000
 undo jumboframe enable
 description myport
 apply qos-profile default

I expected to get voip(vlan 5) and internet connection(vlan10) at my cube and I have them with the setup above. But somehow I think the setup above is not right. The setup above is allowing all VLANs (there are 30 VLANs at my work) going thru that interface as far as I understand. Can you experts out there give me some better configure for my interface? All I need are VOIP and internet connection going thru that interface1/0/6 only.

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jfradyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A hybrid port is a port whereby you can have one untagged VLAN (typically used for your PC) and any number of tagged VLAN's.  So - what you would want is a hybrid port with your data VLAN as the untagged VLAN and the VOIP VLAN as tagged.  This will work if you VOIP system/phone can work with tagged VLAN's.  Which phone system is it?
The only time that link type should be set to trunk is when connecting two switches together that you want to share (trunk) the VLAN's between them.  I suspect your link type would need to be set to hybrid with your data vlan untagged and your voice vlan tagged.  would need to know more about your voip to tell for sure though.
SJCAAuthor Commented:
The VoIP is in vlan5. That's the way it setup and I was told. What is hybrid? When do I need hybrid?
I didn't set this up the guy before me set this up but he left. Right now the Ethernet port connected direct to the phone and from the phone there is 1 jack that goes to PC. With this physical setup I'm able to get VoIP and internet connection for my cube now.
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SJCAAuthor Commented:
We have NEC as our phone system. Sorry I'm new to 3com, for the interface01/0/6,what are the right command lines for the configure if I just want to have the voip and internet? Thanks.
SJCAAuthor Commented:
credit to jfrady.
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