how do I add multiple Public IP's to Sonicwall NSA 3500

I have a 2wire router from BT with 8 public IP address's. I also have a Sonicwall NSA 3500  that I am trying to configure. I have one cable from the 2wire into the Sonicwall and that works fine for the first IP address. I have many services running from that IP, RDP, WEB etc... all good....... How the heck do I add another Public IP onto the Sonicwall, or indeed see if it can even see the others.

I have put on one IP address whit a subnet of

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digitapConnect With a Mentor Commented:
your other public IP addresses are already associated with your sonicwall based on the subnet mask of the sonicwall.  what do you want to assign the new public IP, www, smtp?  decide what you want to assign and run your public server wizard.  when asked for the public ip, use one of the IPs that are in your range.

is the 2wire in bridge/transparent mode?
VernonJonesAuthor Commented:
Thats what I thought and one of the other address's shows up in the ARP table. I think ill delete the rules and start again.

If the 177 address in the ARP table is set as DHCP, is that ok?
VernonJonesAuthor Commented:
Its not in Bridge mode.
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i don't understand "If the 177 address in the ARP table is set as DHCP, is that ok?"

so, you have cable internet?  when you want to use a sonicwall appliance, it's best to put your DSL/Cable router in bridge/transparent mode.  if you have cable internet, that's alot easier as you can bypass PPPoE authentication.  when you use bridge mode on the router, you can put your public IP address direction on the sonicwall.
Just add another network object with another outside IP and create new rules and nats for it
thanks for the points!
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