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Saddle Stitch Booklet Printing


I have a handbook that I want to print on 11x17 paper using a printer with a Saddle Stitch finisher.  The document is created and I have so far tried and failed in producing the correct results in both Word 2007 and Publisher 2007.

I should mention that I am using a Sharp MX-M550N with a finisher that has the Saddle Stitch option.  I am using the PCL5e driver to print this document.

The document was originally created in Word 2007 and  is setup to be 8.5 by 11.  When printing I went into the properties of my printer and choose to print it in pamphlet style.  I chose to staple with two staples and also choose the drawer to pull the 11x17 paper from.  When I go to print it prints in almost exactly the way it is supposed to look but every page in the pamphlet is miniature.  So its printing on 11x17 and it broke up the pages the correct way but it prints the actual page to where there is probably a 2.5 or 3 inch margin of white space around each page.  It also staples the pamphlet correctly on the spine of the pamphlet.

It basically does this exact same thing in Publisher 2007.  I setup a booklet publisher document and imported the word document into that and I still have the same problem.  The pages get printed in the right order like a booklet but each page is half the size of the original 8.5 x 11 format.  It is centered in the middle of the page but it has that large white space margin around it.

I have tried just creating a 8.5x11 booklet in Publisher 2007 and then just adding page numbers and some garbage text and printing that new document and I get the same results.  So it doesn't seem to be my original document.

I just cannot get Word 2007 or Publisher 2007 to print a 11x17 pamphlet correctly to a printer with a Saddle Stitch finisher on it.

Any ideas?
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1 Solution

Never really worked with Publisher before but as you are still waiting for an answer....

The only thing that springs to mind is that it may have a setting somewhere in the print dialog for 'Shrink to fit' or 'Print to size' or similar. Worth checking for.

If you have a Pdf printer you could also use this to play with the settings and simulate paper print but print to pdf instead. The result would be wysiwyg.

Just a hunch
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
Then what does this "Saddle Stitch finisher" actually work with?

If you just have the blank 11x17  paper loaded, does the Saddle Stitch finisher, "Saddle Stitch" correctly?

AFAICT, you should be able to just adjust the margins (an possibly the Gutter) in Word, to position the document where you want in relation to the stitches...

What does the Printer documentation have to say about this?
ITPIPAuthor Commented:

Good question.  The saddle stitcher does correctly position the staples on the 11x17 paper it's just the printer doesn't print each 8.5x11 page fully on each half of the booklet.  Both halfs don't fill each 8.5x11 space they print at possibly a little more than half the original page size and leave giant margins around the outside of the page.

I have tried all of the fit to page options I can find in the printing options and haven't seen these work yet.  The one in Word got closer.  It did enlarge the pages on both halfs of the booklet but not by alot.  Still another 2 inches of margin around each "page".

The only way I actually got this to work was to print off the booklet on individual 8.5x11 pages front and back.  Then go to the printer and setup a copy job that would use the saddle stitcher.  When I did this everything worked great.

It seems like this is all a problem with the print driver as the copy job worked exactly the way it was supposed to.  I will be getting in contact with our printer representative and working with them on this.

If anyone has a Sharp MX-M550N with a Saddle Stitch finisher maybe they can answer this question but I think the issue lies in the Sharp print driver.
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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
I have used MS Publisher to get the correct layout:
Paper size: Tabloid Landscape
Layout Option: Two-side spread.

Worth a try perhaps
ITPIPAuthor Commented:
I was able to solve this issue.  It was of course a rather simple solution that was just overlooked.

I was able to accomplish printing saddle stitch out of word from an orignal document setup in 8.5 x 11.  When I went to print I was making one mistake and that was to not change the paper size to ledger when selecting saddle stitch booklet printing.  It is assumed by the driver that it will be printing on 11x17 paper in a saddle stitch format so changing the output paper size is not needed.  I couldn't find any documentation on this but I spoke with a Sharp representative and they stated that on some of their printers print drivers the option for Saddle Stitch includes wording that says something like letter to ledger printing.

So when printing a Saddle Stitch booklet that is orginally setup as an 8.5 x 11 document on a Sharp MX-M550N leave the output paper size as Letter and everything should print correctly.

Thanks to everyone that contributed.  I appreciate the effort.
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:

Congratulations of working this out...


ITPIPAuthor Commented:
I am accepting my own comments as the solution only because this is an accurate solution to the issue as outlined.

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