Barcode font prints as wingdings in Terminal Server


I am using the font "Free 3 of 9" to print barcodes.
It's all printing good while running locally but when I connect through a Terminal Server it prints as wingdings (the font is installed on the Terminal Server since I can see the page preview good).

Any idea what I should do?

Thank you,
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caballo_oscuroConnect With a Mentor Commented:
spot on with above answer. the font must be installed on the system that the printer looks to or will use a default font. copy the font contained in the font directory under windows to same directory location on the local to printer machine. Alternativley get a network printer. best of luck
Is the font installed on the system you are connecting to the terminal server with?
eladrozAuthor Commented:
Yes, since the page preview is working fine.
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
I think the page preview is using the font on your computer, not the server.
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