Rendering My Swish Movie On Website

Posted on 2010-11-23
Last Modified: 2012-06-21
I'm having a real hard time getting my flash banner to display on my header.I'm not even sure I want to use it but I'm kind of stubbornly-stuck on stupid with this thing. When I test the movie in my browser it pretty much renders perfectly but when I insert the APintro.swf in the table on the page or even create a blank page for it, it only shows the very edge. I tried CTRL- A and aligning it relative to the stage in swish but it just kept messing up so I would undo the changes each time.
You can view the rendering here:

You can see the scratch page that I intend to use to place the banner in the header (for all pages) here: .
I'm not a web designer and not 100% sure of what I want but I do know that I need something that looks sharp and professional without looking hokey web templateish' in the header so if you have a suggestion about that or anything else please share it. Keep in mind that the body isn't nearly finished.
Question by:A_AmericanELectric
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Accepted Solution

Rob Jurd, EE MVE earned 500 total points
ID: 34209285
It looks like the content of your flash is off the canvas (in flash)

can you post your FLA?

Author Comment

ID: 34210440
I was going to try to cleanup the stupid effects and make it mor presentable but its driving me crazy. It turns out that one I set the stage to 100% instead of 600% everything is way too small. Hopefully you can help. Thanks!
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Expert Comment

by:Rob Jurd, EE MVE
ID: 34210476
yeah i suspect it is in your flash file.  are you able to post your FLA file.  you attached your swf file in the previous post
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ID: 34210696
sorry. BTW- I need to make everything big enough to see.

I have swishmax 3. I tried to convert it but could not. I zipped it so it would be an acceptable uplad format but it still reads the zip file as an swi.... Somehow.
What I did was rename it APintro.fla so you will need to name it back to swi I'm sure.

Author Comment

ID: 34236676
made a new banner on a very small scale (400x180) exact same problem!

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ID: 34250713
I was finally able to get it by painstakingly moving everything over to a new swi banner and changing my HTML export settings. Now the problem I'm having is the inability to change font sizes as they pertain to the movie on my site. I linked my default.css to the externall myBanner.html and manually increased the font size but the text is still way too small
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Expert Comment

by:Rob Jurd, EE MVE
ID: 34252798
Sorry I wasn't aware you were creating it in swishmax 3.  unless there's a possibility of exporting your flash project as a fla for Adobe Flash I won't be able to see exactly what's going on.

I've seen similar issues when the reference point for object is in the middle, instead of the top left and then the object is centered relative to the top left of the stage.

Author Comment

ID: 34253095
Well I got that okay now but lets pretend I was using flash... How can I control the size of the dynamic text in my banner and why wont the link to my default.css in the dynamic text file- myBanner.html render any of my styles?
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Expert Comment

by:Rob Jurd, EE MVE
ID: 34253822
If you were using flash you need to load the stylesheet using actionscript and apply it to the textfield.  Flash doesn't look at your css in the html file.  In Flash you also set the width and height either statically using the IDE or via actionscript.

//Create a new style sheet object
var myCSS = new TextField.StyleSheet();

//Specify the location of the CSS file that you created earlier
var cssURL = "example.css";

//Hard code some HTML text to display (for example purposes)
exampleText = "<p class='headline'>Tutorial Takes Forever To Write</p>";
exampleText += "<p><span class='byline'>Bath, UK</span>";
exampleText += "--Flash developer NWebb seemed to take ";
exampleText += "forever to finish his CSS-Flash tutorial, ";
exampleText += "but it is finished now and you can find it ";
exampleText += "<a href=''>here</a> ";
exampleText += "along with a few others.</p>";

//Load CSS file
//define onLoad handler
myCSS.onLoad = function(success) {
        if (success) {
                /* If the style sheet loaded without error,
                assign it to the text object, and assign the HTML text to the
                text field*/
                myText.styleSheet = myCSS;
                myText.text = exampleText; //this should be ".htmlText", 
                // but Flash seems to recognise that the textbox needs to display html anyway

Open in new window


Author Comment

ID: 34256943
Ok this looks interesting. So I just create this .as file in my siteroot/includes folder called or something and change the URLs to the location of my css? And then the .as will take it from there?
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Expert Comment

by:Rob Jurd, EE MVE
ID: 34262974
That sounds like it will work, give it a try with a simple one at first.  Remember that flash doesn't have full compatibility with CSS, in other words it only supports a few settings.  Other issues might be the path you have in your .as file and whether you can use relative or have to use absolute paths.  I haven't tested any of this just thought i'd mention it

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