How to get a Wireless Router to connect to My High Site

Hi Experts

Just like Neotel In SA and other service providers. How is it possible to create a High Site at my home that allows covergae over a radius off about 1 to 2km and then sell a normal Wireless router to the client who will then connect to my High Site and enjoy internet access

Any companies that do this already really cheap
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KimmyelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You would need an omni-directional antenna extended for you WLAN access point.

BSTITAuthor Commented:
Hi. Thanks, This is for the client to connect to me but how do I setup the high site at my house. Whats the cheapest option but will still give a good singnal / throughput for my clients to connect
BSTITAuthor Commented:
Basically I want to setup a Point to Multi-Point whereby the Point is at my home and the multi-point is my clients who connect

cheapest solution but thoughput needs to be excellent
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