How can I copy a webmail folder to outlook

I have a client that has a verizon account.  I need to get a copy of an email folder from his account.  The folder contains 900 emails. Forwarding does not work.  Emails must not change
Any ideas?.
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The easiest thing would be:
- Open any email program such as outlook.
- Configure a profile for the verizon account
- Let it fetch the emails
- Then save them on local location
- If you remote the user and do this, you can share it via FTP or likewise sharing options.
this link might be useful if thats not an option:
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wtgitdirAuthor Commented:
But i need to make sure that the web based emails remain intact.  
David LeeCommented:
Hi, wtgitdir.

I don't use Verizon email so I have no knowledge of what options are available.  Does it have the ability to export items?  If so, then you could export them from it and import them into Outlook.  Can you configure Outlook to connect to the Verizon account?  If so, then the emails should automatically move to Outlook's inbox.
Have you tried to set outlook to connect using POP3 and downloading the messages? I am not sure if this is the same provider, but the link below shows Verison supports the POP3 option.

If it is a problem to download them either due to bandwidth restrictions etc, it may be an option to directly contact the company and request a copy of the emails. Necessary ID documentation will be required.
HAVARD7979Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Use outlook.  When you set up the account in outlook the settings for Verizon are:
The following are the Verizon e-mail server settings.

(POP3)incoming server -
(SMTP)outgoing server -

on the more setting button then the advanced tab under Delivery you can check the box that will leave mail on server.  then the web mail is unaffected and all the emails are in outlook for you.
wtgitdirAuthor Commented:
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