What is the best procedure in migrating MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2010?

Dear EE,

I would like to ask for tech support on how or what's the best procedure in migrating MOSS 2007 to 2010.
We already have MOSS 2007, with several sites already, but no files yet, we haven't started using it yet. We're planning to start using it starting next year, our MOSS 2007 Enterprise version is a free limited version of Microsoft (180 days) and will expire by March. Currently, I'm downloading the Enterprise trial of SharePoint 2010. I don't have any idea on how to do it or where to start... Because I'm worrying regarding the SQL database of it. We're using SQL Server 2008 R2.
Hope there's a way for upgrading or migrating the MOSS 2007 into 2010 without reinstalling it. Because it takes time in reinstalling everything... specially working with SSP...

Thank you in advance!
Stiebel EltronAsked:
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logideepakConnect With a Mentor Commented:
when you install sharepoint 2010 on a moss 2007 machine, then it does an in place upgrade which might lead to problem at some time.

so essentially if you already have a sharepoint 2007 64 bit, then the best approach as per me would be as follows:
1) create a fresh environment of sharepoint 2010
2) configure the Sharepoint 2010 environment
3) create a content db backup of your sharepoint 2007 site
4) Restore the content db on to the sql server of sharepoint 2010 environment
5) create a site in sharepoint 2010
6) delete the content db of sharepoint 2010 site
7) open the stsadm and run the following command
stsadm -o addcontentdb -url <site url of sharepoint 2010 site> -databasename <db name of sharepoint 2007 content db which was restored in sharepoint 2010 environment sql server>

This would attach the sharepoint 2007 content db to sharepoint 2010 content db and would also upgrade the contents of sharepoint 2007 cointent db to sharepoint 2010 version

perform iisreset

the migration process will be complete.
Bad news...

You do need to "reinstall". In your specific case, since you don't have any files yet, not sure what you will be migrating/upgrading. Just setup a SP2010 environment.
you can take a backup of the content database of the sharepoint 2007 site and then attach the content database to a sharepoint 2010 site that you will be creating evantually

you can check this blog for additional details on migrating the sites from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010
Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

Watch this video to see how easy it is to make mass changes to Active Directory from an external text file without using complicated scripts.

Stiebel EltronAuthor Commented:
So, do I need to install the sharepoint 2010 (the one that I downloaded, enterprise trial, then later we'll gonna put the license key) into the same machine where the MOSS 2007 resides?

@logideepak: I already did a backup for the databases (each database) using SQL Management Studio. BTW, from the link that you advised, is it applicable to 64-bit, as we're using 64-bit already... I can see from the instructions if you're using 32-bit...
Stiebel EltronAuthor Commented:
Can I follow this steps: http://www.sharepointmonitor.com/2010/02/migrate-moss-2007-to-sharepoint-server-2010/

However, it ended up to that part only, what would be the next step? Any advise please?
Stiebel EltronAuthor Commented:
@logideepak: From the link that I gave you, it showed that the MOSS 2010 was installed on the same machine of MOSS 2007, in whereas we only have 1 machine for SharePoint.
And the thing is, how can I make or create a fresh environment of sharepoint 2010? Can I do it on the same machine of MOSS 2007?

So for you, the procedure from the link isn't advisable, am I right? bec. like what you've said it'll lead to problem at some time...
I have enountered 2 sceenarios where because of some missing features, In Place upgrade of Sharepoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 was not successful and we had to resort to content db approach. we were lucky however, that we were actually working on a production replica in that case.

Working directly on a production server is something which I dont suggest. if you have a staging server you should try the in place upgrade first but if there is only one production server, then I would not suggest doing any such activities
Stiebel EltronAuthor Commented:
So for 1 SP server like what we have here, what can u advise, the best method?
if you have only one server and no other machine to test the whole thing out, then probably you dont have any other option except for an inplace upgrade.

Though I would never suggest any one to do that in production evironment, however, if you still come across a scenario to do that, you should first take a complete backup of the entire farm so that you can recreate the whole environment if something goes wrong.
Stiebel EltronAuthor Commented:
What can u say about this Sharepoint migration tool: http://www.xavor.com/whatwedo/solutions/sharepoint2010.aspx ?

It's totally free!
The tool seems to be good. however, I have never tried it
Stiebel EltronAuthor Commented:
@logideepak:: Just a follow up! I have tried to upgrade our MOSS 2007, but before that, I installed the Pre-requisites, then it revert back to its normal state, the program said that I don't need to update its Service Pack as it has the latest SP already. The current SP of our SP is SP1, 64-bit, Windows 2008. And the first from its Pre-requisite is the SP2, so I'm wonderin why I can't update it to SP2... I'm referring to Windows system not SharePoint Service Pack. Our SharePoint is already SP2.

Any advise on this case?
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