How to upgrade SharePoint 2007 to SP2?

I just upgraded a SharePoint 2007 sp1 test envirnonment to sp2 and added Oct CU.  Now the site collections will not open.  They did open before the upgrade.  I looked and there was not a certificate assigned to the site.  I assigned one and it still will not open.  Any thoughts?
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libertytaxAuthor Commented:
Had to make a change to the webconfig file.
did your upgrade process completed successfully. This mostly happens when the upgrade has been interrupted in between and as a result the entire environment is in  a flux.

If that is a case then you can probably try the following command
psconfig.exe -cmd upgrade -finalize

a more detail description of the command can be obtained from the following location

however, the command is very risky and should be used as the last resort since you cannot undue the process.
libertytaxAuthor Commented:
The sites are now opening but is throwing the following error "The control type 'webpart' is not allowed on this page.  The type is not registered as safe."  I didnt create this webpart.  Do you know how to register it as safe?
Justin ImesFull Time SharePoint JediCommented:
sounds the upgrade is not compatible with one of your registered web parts.

Try this web part maintenance mode, delete the erroring web part and your page should load fine.

at the end of your url place this string of code ?contents=1

so the url will look similar to this

libertytaxAuthor Commented:
We figured it out.
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