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Exchange 2010 Mass User Creation

Hi Guys,

I couldn't find anything straight forward to handle this issue. I need to create about 400 users in a new MS Exchange 2010 Environment. I have the following columns in my spreadsheet:

"First Name"
"Last Name"
"E-mail Address"
"Mailbox Size"

Can anyone point me to a script that will parse this spreadsheet / csv and automatically create all the mailboxes / active directory users? I would also like to assign all the newly created users a default password.

Thanks in advance,
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2 Solutions
You can use the new-mailbox cmdlet in 2010


something like this, this is only an eaxmple and has not been tested. You may want to sdd a line in your code for samaccountname or you could do this

$samaccountname = $user.emailaddress -replace "@Domain.com", ""

$users = import-csv c:\users.csv
Foreach($user in $users){
New-Mailbox -Alias $user.samaccountname -Database "Mailbox Database 1" -Name "$($Firstname) $($LastName)" -OrganizationalUnit Users -Password Password1 -FirstName $user.Firstname -LastName $user.LastName -DisplayName  "$($Firstname) $($LastName)" -ResetPasswordOnNextLogon $true
rcs81Author Commented:
Here's the link that I used. Worked like a charm!

Thanks for all your help
rcs81Author Commented:
The link above solved my problem

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